Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eternally His Contest

In the Dark Ages, Morton was taken from his lover, the warrior, Graham, and changed by the evil immortal, Seymour. When Graham is gravely wounded in battle, Morton changes his lover and the two immortals flee. But Seymour isn’t about to let the beautiful Morton go that easily.

After centuries of playing a cat and mouse game, Morton and his protector Graham are finally free from Seymour at last. They build a life together with Morton becoming the popular rock performer, Xavier. When rumors swirl that Seymour has been revived, Graham knows he must get his beloved away before Seymour appears seeking to keep Morton as his once more.

Contest is open now until February 03, 2012. Leave a comment to be entered. Book comes out February 05, 2012.

* fyi, this is not a historical in case you are wondering.