Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Last 2011 Post

For all intents and purposes I have finished Finally His (finally). It took me a bit longer than I had hoped, but it's finished (except for a few little tweaks) and will shortly be off to Amber Quill for scheduling (which will be updated on the sidebar when I know anything). And so ends my writing for 2011 

I seem to always write an end of the year post. Something to remind me and readers of where I’ve come from, how far I’ve gotten. This one is a bit early but the reason will become clear by the end of this post.

I was counting stories I’ve published since I was first offered a contract (The Squire) back in the very beginning of 2008 (wow, seems like a long time ago now), and at this point I’m up to about forty-two or so (not counting paperback collections or free stories). It’s not completely surprising since back in my early published days I could write a lot faster. I’ve slowed way down since then. I think I ended this year with 11 releases. I know that sounds like a lot, I guess it is, lol. But it’s down from 2009 which I think was my most prolific year with 13 (I was using multiple publishers than).

I don’t really know what it means for 2012. I already have two novellas written for the “his” series, Eternally His and Finally His, which are scheduled. I’m going to be working on the fourth Sutter’s Bay book but those always take me a bit longer to write because they are a bit more angsty, and I am going to tackle my restaurant owner story, Tempted to Taste (inspired by the guy who owns my own favorite restaurant in Morro Bay). I’m hoping to shop that one around to other publishers. I adore Amber Quill, but I feel the need to spread the love a bit. Maybe.

And of course I will probably write a few more “his” stories. I still have my cop partner story to write. I’ve written some on it but it always stalls in my mind and I end up putting it aside. I am hoping 2012 will be the year for it. And I’ve still got my fairytale romance I’m working on (and working on), Waking the Prince. I’ve got several chapters done.

That’s my plans for 2012 at this point. I’m trying not to get too crazy with the releases, because it’s starting to stress me out a bit. If I can get 6 or 7 releases for 2012 I’ll be happy. I could even be happy with fewer than 10 at this point.

Anyhow, it’s been a good year for me and I thank those of you who are reading my books for your continued support. I hope I can continue to entertain you in 2012.

I’m going to take the rest of December off from blogging, so I will wish you Happy Holidays now. My next release is February 05, 2012, but I will catch you in January.


  1. I'm glad it's been a successful year for you! I'm sorry we won't be seeing you around until the first of the year, but after eleven releases this year, you definitely deserve a break.
    So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :)

  2. Yes, 11 book releases in one year is a lot :)

    Congrats on another great year, and you've definitely deserved to take a holiday break.