Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's New

I'm getting a lot written on More Than Anything, my Hot College Daze story. It's the one and only story I'm working on at the moment so that helps. I've got over 16,000 words done on it. I'm still not entirely sure about whether I will do a Part One: Shayne and Desmond and Part Two: Bart and Evan or if I'll just make Bart and Evan into a separate offering. Right now, the 16,000 plus words are all Shayne and Desmond. Either way you'll get both stories with only two men having a POV at the time.

I'm toying with doing another free Kevin story which, if I do it, I will upload to ARe. The two I already included there ended up doing well and Car Wash got a bump in sales too, so it's all good.

That's about it for now. At the end of the month my very short story, Hitting it Big, about two guys re-connecting after one of them wins the lottery, will be out. It's pretty much a fun little short, but it does have a minor secondary character I might visit at some point in 2012. We shall see since that's still way into the future at this point.

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