Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Few Updates

Today is the last day to enter the contest to be one of two winners of Lost Between and Hitting it Big. I'll post the winners Saturday, July 9th.

I don't have any releases in August, so after these two go out, the next releases will be Can't Be His in early September and Devotedly His in early October.

That brings me through D in the alpha His series. The first one I will be doing for next year will be Eternally His and will be my first foray into vampires.I won't be working on that one for a while though.

I'm doing good on my college boys story, More Than Anything. I am quite certain I will have it done well before the deadline of September 01.

And that will leave me plenty of time to concentrate on what I want to write the last three months of the year.


  1. When you can actually write what you want to write, will you be paralyzed by choices?!

  2. That would be just like me, :)
    Hopefully not.