Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not Much Going On

At the moment, I'm being lazy and not writing. It won't last. I am reviewing my galley for the upcomining release of Lost Between. Once I've finished that I intend to be unlazy again. I think I short-circuited my brain after writing Can't Be His but it's coming back. Once it does, I'll be working on More Than Anything as I have two stories to finish by September 01.


  1. You definitely earned a mini-lazy break! And you've got plenty of time before More Than Anything is due. ...yeah, I'm encouraging you to be lazy for a bit. But sometimes lazy is good for the writing soul.

  2. I really am losing it. I had to correct two typos in the one paragraph post I did. Heaven help me! lol.

  3. Having lazy time is very restorative!