Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moving Forward

Sometimes what you originally intended for a story doesn’t really work, as I‘ve discovered recently while working on The Way to Forever.

Originally Billy was going to go to Ireland. I’ve been there myself, I thought, so piece of cake. But there was something not working with the story. I kept procrastinating on it. Billy was supposed to have a vacation affair you see, because, well, that’s the way it’s supposed to be for the Postcards From Paradise stories. But if he were traveling around different parts of Ireland, how was he supposed to carry on a two week affair while there. The Irish guy wouldn’t be traveling along with them.

Okay, so I changed it to they spend two weeks in Dublin. I still didn’t like it. Having been to Ireland I didn’t spend two weeks in one city. It seemed a bit weird to me. So I set it aside and began to work on Waking the Prince. Pretty soon, I thought, I will have to join Procrastinator’s Anonymous with Ava March.

Then I started thinking, oh, God, I don’t remember enough about Dublin to write about it. When I went I spent a day and a half there because we got to the tour we took late due to a plane problem. I’d have to do research, my stomach churned.

Finally I decided, I need to write this damn story and quit whining. I started in on it again and went…wait! Who says I have to have him vacation in Dublin or even Ireland at all. What place do I know better than anywhere that others in the country might decide to go to for a vacation? Why, Southern California, of course! And I know that also means Ian, Billy’s hero, can live there and have his two week affair with Billy while Billy explores Southern California. Perfect!

So, yeah, yesterday I changed all references to Los Angeles and California. Today, I actually WROTE on the darn thing for the first time in several days. Go me!

And yeah, even though they start out having the vacation fling, this is a romance, and I’m supposed to make it HEA or something. But I feel better now.


  1. Your subconscious knew you needed to change it!

  2. I'd totally be up for a LA vacation right about now. Getting darn tired of the upper 30's/lower 40's weather.

    And hey - PA is a very nice group, thank you very much. ;)

  3. I'd definitely love a vacation in Cali. Looking forward to the story. :)