Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Post Is For Drew

I forgot who I borrowed the princes picture from but since I adore Disney and two guys it seemed appropriate.

My dear sweet Drew who is very special to me prompted this post. He told me he missed my posting, so I created this one for him. 

Let's see. I got my edits for Accidentally His my story coming in March and I have to say I liked it better than I thought I did. It amused me quite a bit. It's a fun, lightherted story starring Kirk and Elijah. Eventually I will get around to writing a story for two of the other characters from it, Toby and Logan. 

I've gotten basically what amounts to four chapters done on Galaxy's Heart so definitely making progress. have this urge to work on my Regency I wanted to write like two years ago with the butler and the third son of a duke or earl I was calling, Undeniable. I know, gasp. I'm sure this is because I have absolutely no time to write on anything so it sneaks up on me. My brain needs to be put in its place!   


  1. Thanks, Ma. ((((MA))))
    Your post always brighten my day!
    I'm stealing your picture though, I love the Princes!

  2. Um...and yeah, I stole the pic, too. How could I resist? ;)

  3. I it myself so I can hardly blame you guys! lol

  4. I have a feeling we will be seeing more Disney Princes around