Thursday, December 16, 2010


Updates are going here today since I’ve been posting free holiday stories on normal update days.

I’ve been working on Accidentally His again lately. I hope to have it completed by the middle of January, if not before. I should have another story related to this one but with different heroes later in 2011.

I’d like to turn my attention to Galaxy’s Heart, Sutter’s Bay 3, once Accidentally His is finished. If I can get that story done by the end of February or earlier, that should still give me plenty of time to work on my “Postcards From Paradise” story I volunteered for at AQ. My paradise vacation story will be in Ireland though. That’s paradise to me.

Once that is done, I have to look to my other obligated story, which is a ghost story. Yes, you can hear the enthusiasm, can’t you? Just how do you get a HEA when one of your heroes has been dead for hundreds of years? Beats me, too. But I shall try.

As you can see, this is already taking up the first six months of 2011. Sigh. And there is a story I really want to get to. Ah, well, I’ll get to it and several others before 2011 is finished, I am sure.

Speaking of free stories, Kevin’s latest free story, Viva Las Christmas, will be posted on Monday, December 20th, if it kills me. Might. At this point I am looking at one long part but I may be forced to split it into two. I’ll try not to make it too many parts though.

Once that free story is finished posting, I will be posting a best wishes for the holiday season blog and probably taking the remainder of 2010 off, with the blog returning January 03, 2011 (in time for a contest for my first release, Pulling Apart).


  1. You are so disciplined!! Go, Shawn, go!

  2. I agree, very disciplined...

    With so much writing to do - I hope you can squeeze in more than enough time for family and friends over the season...

    Looking forward to Kevin's story...

    Happy weekend hon...


  3. I have to be! lol. I'm not a slacker liker Ava (just kidding Ava dear). Besides I don't want Shayne turning his whip on me.

  4. Shayne does have quite the snap to his wrist. Gotta watch for him ;)