Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monday Updates

All right, I'm back.

This is a short work week for those of us in the United States who don't work retail. For those of you who do you have my sympathy for Black Friday. This is an especially short week for me since I also took Wednesday off. Hooray!

Now that I have buckled down and turned my attention 100% to The Impersonator I got a lot done on it this past week. This book has a deadline of December 01 and I wasn't sure I could make it but I think I just might now. This was a real deadline, although the date is flexibleish, but I'd prefer to get it in as close to on time as possible.

If I can get it done, that means basically having the month of December to chill. That puts a giant grin on my face. Now, does that mean I won't do any writing? Nah, of course not. I have the free story EH asked about, plus I just can't go weeks and weeks without writing. But it does take a huge amount of pressure off not having to get anything done if I don't want to and December is crazy busy this year for me, so this is my fondest wish. Wish me luck!

Speaking of December, those of you paying attention will recall I do have a final release for 2010 in December and that is The Naughty Ones from Silver Publishing as part of their 25 Days of Christmas releases. My particular Elvish tale comes on on December 12, 2010, but you may want to check out the other offerings as well. Some of the daily releases are M/F, but I know for a fact that my dear friend, Andi Anderson, also has an M/M book coming in this series called, His Christmas Wish. I don't know Andi's release date though I do believe it is later in the month than mine. Unlike some of Andi's other offerings, I haven't read any of His Christmas Wish and have no clue what it is about, but if Andi wrote it I am sure it will be a lovely, sweet Christmas story.

I'll likely do one of my world famous contests (LOL) for The Naughty Ones so stay tuned for the details there.

This is Thanksgiving week for the US, so Wedneday look for a Thankful Musings. And as my beautiful Shayne would say, Have a Fabulous Week!


  1. How the hell do you keep track of it all...

    Books here, writing there... so glad Kevin and I made your list of priorties...

    Did Silver Pub do one of those bulk buying thing for the holiday stories or do you have to buy one every day?

    Looking forward to what you post on Wednesday.... I started looking for some modern pieces, but I think the old school poets do the best quotes...


  2. EH, no Silver didn't and I think it is likely because the books are a mix of M/F and M/M stories. They are aware there would be some M/M readers who would not want the M/F stories and probably vice versa. I do think a print version of all the stories will be available at some point

    The Naughty Ones is only $1.99 so hopefully that will be doable for most people considering it is the holiday buying season!

  3. Thanks for the info...

    I can understand that logic.. I'll definately check them out, I did the Dreamspinner lot and really found a bunch of new authors that I followed up with through this year...

    I am pleased about the m/f stuff, it is nice to have a mix...


  4. Sending you lots of happy speedy writing luck!

  5. Welcome back!
    Did you enjoy your week off from blogging? We missed you:)
    I didn't know they were going to put our M/M Christmas stories in print until a day or two ago. It'll be the first story I've written in print, so that'll be interesting!
    I can't wait to read Naughty Elves! I have a feeling from the title it's going to be a fun and sexy read. Mine is going to be published on the 21st, so I'm thinking it will get overlooked because it's so close to the holidays. Maybe not...sigh...
    Thanks for mentioning it! Have a great week:)

  6. Thanks, EH, hope you will enjoy the stories you check out from Silver. At least mine and Andi's, *grin.

    Thank you, Chris. I was determined to finish a particular part last night and I did so deterimination helps! lol.

    Andi, I'm sure your story will do well and I cannot wait to read it myself. I think you will enjoy my Elves.

  7. Looking forward to The Naughty Ones.

    Happy Thanksgiving Day! Enjoy your extra time off. :)

  8. Lucky you, you took Wednesday off!

  9. Thanks guys! I'm pretty excited about being off. Counting the minutes, lol.