Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And the Work in Progress is...

Though it is true I don't always post on Tuesdays these days I decided to post today. As mentioned before I was working on Accidentally His when I decided to sneak in my short story, Manfred's Curse. And while I will get back to Accidentally His in the near future I've decided that I should really start The Impersonator , since I actually have a deadline for that story and it also happens to be the story calling to me at the moment. Hopefully I can sneak in pages on Accidentally His while working on it.

The Impersonator is part of a series Amber Quill will be publishing next year. And when I say series I don't mean the books are related to each other, they just share a theme, in this case a Masquerade Ball. Many of the Amber Allure authors will have stories out in 2011 with this theme, including obviously myself.

Here is the blurb I have come up with for the story but of course it is subject to change:

 The Impersonator (Masquerade)

Benjamin Pomeroy thinks his older brother's request for him to take his place at a Masquerade Ball given by their new boss at the Las Vegas Hotel they both work at is harmless enough. After all, he'll be wearing a mask the entire time and the only part of him that will be visible is his eyes, eyes just like his brother's. Benjamin hasn't met the new boss yet. All he knows is the boss is from New Orleans originally and is very fond of Mardi Gras, thus the Masquerade Ball to introduce himself to the more important employees of the hotel. Something Benjamin is not. His job is to impersonate Elvis at the front entrance of the casino. But during the ball, he'll be impersonating his straight brother while trying to ignore his attraction to their extremely attractive and openly gay boss, Maxwell Orton.

So that's what my current work in progress is, should you wonder what I'm working on now.


  1. *peeks out from between fingers to make sure the excerpt is past*

  2. No excerpt, lol. I haven't even written it yet so no worries there. Just the blurb explaining the story. You are safe to look.

  3. Love your premise. It'll be really interesting to see what so many talented authors can do with this collection's theme. :) *coughs into fist, including me, coughs*

  4. Tasty hon, tasty...

    Will you be doing anything for Xmas for any of your publishers...

    Or for us on the blog..


  5. Yeah I am having fun with it already even though I've only written 3 pages.

    I have a Christmas story coming out from Silver Publishing on December 12th called The Naughty Ones. It's about Christmas Elves.

    Not sure if I will do a blog story this year for the holidays but I can be persuaded. lol.

  6. You know we are good for it and you know you want to...

    Dont let me get Ava to dare you...



  7. lol EH. We'll see. Not even sure who I'd do a free Christmas story on right now but I am open to suggestions.