Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Beach House and Morro Bay

In under a month The Beach House will be released. I'm personally excited about this release (I love all my releases of course) because Mason is a personal favorite character of mine. I won't say he's my favorite but he's among them.

There's a couple reasons for that. Some of you may remember a few months ago when I was promised an interview by a certain gay male model. Said model actually was the one who approached me about it. It never happened...okay you know the saying about shit happening. I moved on.

But during that time my dear Shayne and I talked about this person and how Shayne thought I should write a story around a similar character and make the story end the way I would like it to...happily of course. And so with my beautiful Shayne's suggestion I wrote Mason who is a male model who has had some hard things happen in his life.

Anyway...he ends up in my favorite place, Morro Bay, where he meets John.

On a recent trip to Morro Bay, I took some pictures of places that appear in The Beach House and just the general town so when you read the story you can see it. So, over the next few Thursdays, I'm going to post the pictures I took there for your entertainment (at least I hope so).


  1. Thanks Chris, it's going to be fun posting picture for the next few weeks, :)

  2. Morro Bay does look beautiful. *sig* I wish I could go there right now.

  3. Lovely pictures! It looks like a truly beautiful place.

  4. It is beautiful. Wait until you see the rest of the pictures!