Monday, August 23, 2010

Tuesday Updates

Yes I skipped Monday. This is a Tuesday update.

I finally finished the sex scene I was working on in The Naughty Ones. That chapter is off to Ava for her review. Since this is just a short story (not even a novella) I think I have one, maybe two chapters left and it will be done. I am still hoping to stick a fork in it by August 31, 2010.

This time I am doing my giveaway of my next release different. Usually I give it away here on my blog and sometimes other locations. This time Twice in a Lifetime will only be given away on Chris's Stumbling Over Chaos. I believe the contest starts this Thursday for it so I will post the link Thursday when it is available.

I'll probably return to my usual giveaway format in October for The Beach House.

That's it for me but I think I am going to give you pretty Ashtyn today.


  1. Well, I know what the link is already, but it's not very useful until Thursday at 2 am CDT! :D