Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Updates

The problem with not having a release in August is I have no news to report, really. I'm working still on Accidentally His and The Naughty Ones. That's all I am doing so there really isn't any news.

Oh, here's sort of something. A few months ago I posted an excerpt of an unfinished m/m ghost story I was considering finishing some day. Originally it was named Restless but that title has to change due to it being too similar to one already at Amber Quill. Anyway, I signed up to do a paranormal PAX around that time never thinking we'd get enough stories to actually make it (5 is needed), alas one of my fellow Allure authors decided to sign up recently and that makes 5 so I guess the damn PAX is a go. Grrrr. That means early next year I will be writing that ghost story. Oh, hell.

Before I ever get to that though I must finish the two mentioned above as well as The Impersonator due in December.


  1. You do not sound excited about the ghost story. At all. :(

  2. Yeah it's just sort of a half-assed idea at this point and I've never really written anything like it before so it will be challenging. The good news, though, is even though I have to write the blasted thing now I should have enough time to flesh it out and figure out where it's going to go.

  3. I'm sure the ghost story will be fab. :)