Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday's Writing Ramblings

Recently I read on Ava March’s blog that she’s going to have nine published novellas out when all her recently contracted stories are released. Go her! She also mentioned having numerous ideas for new stories which for fans is a definite plus. Now if I can get Shayne to tie her to the chair.

It got me thinking about my stories, since she threw my name out on the blog. I think Ava and I feel particularly connected because we literally took this journey together. Our friendship and fellow encouragement as well as critiquing all began back in 2007 when we both joined a critique group as part of a RWA historical romance chapter. We didn’t click with anyone else but we did with each other and the rest is history for both of us. So for fun I am listing the m/m stories and their release months I have had published since The Squire first came out in 2008.

The Squire – June 2008
Another Chance – September 2008
Sorcerer’s Lover – September 2008
Stone of Wrath – November 2008
Pulling Away – November 2008
Perfect Man – December 2008

At Long Last – January 2009
The Other Side – February 2009
Jake’s Regret – March 2009
Most Likely to Succeed – April 2009
Trust – April 2009
Car Wash – June 2009
Sorcerer’s Lover 2 – June 2009
Until the End of Time – July 2009
Beyond the Norm – August 2009
Sweet Reunion – September 2009
Ticket to Ride – December 2009
The Best Gift – December 2009

Only In His Dreams – February 2010
Still the One – March 2010
Only For Him – April 2010
Only His Heart – May 2010
His One and Only – June 2010
Pieces – July 2010
Twice in a Lifetime – September 2010
The Beach House – October 2010

If my luck holds I should have at least one more, maybe two releases still left in 2010. We’ll see how it goes. I think that’s at least 26 releases since I first got published and that does not include het or ménage or paperback collections. I also released two heterosexual romances, one ménage, and two paperbacks during this time.

That’s a lot of writing and I have a lot more to do for 2011 as well. But if you will notice, 2009 was 12 books. I didn’t reach that for 2010 and I don’t believe I will reach it in 2011 either. You may think no one spits out more books than me but I can tell you to take a look at a couple other well-known M/M authors and see they are surpassing me in releases. Still not bad for someone who holds down a full-time evil dayjob.


  1. Those are definitely impressive numbers especially with an EDJ as well. Congrats!!

  2. (((hugs)))

    That really is an amazingly impressive list of releases!

    ...and no fair nudging Shayne toward the chains and whip. LOL

  3. It's a lot that's for sure. Doubt I'll keep it up for next year. I am
    SLOWING DOWN. lol.

  4. I just have to say once again that I am so jealous of your talent!

  5. I'm impressed and I must say for a fan who just recently discovered your books a back list like that is heaven! :)

  6. Ah thanks Janna. :)
    Glad it could help