Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today is my mom's 84th birthday!

So, that's pretty cool, I think.

I'm lucky I've had this many years with her. I hope to have a few more, of course. Three years ago she was diagnosed with colon cancer, but after some scary things, she's been doing very well.

But I know I am lucky. I lost my father some years ago now. Far too young as far as I'm concerned. Many people don't get to have their parents or a parent around as long as my mother has been for me.

She's funny. Very recently she discovered I wrote m/m romance. She knew I wrote "naughty" books but she didn't know they were about two men. We were having dinner somewhere, my sister, mother, and me, when my mother, who reads romance, expressed an interest in them. She's read my old non-erotic het historicals. I just sat there in silence, because really I'm not sure I like the idea of my mother reading my erotic romances no matter who is in them. But, my sister piped in and told her that they were homosexual romances. My mother is a strange one. She's conservative in her political thoughts, but she just shrugged, and went something to the affect, "Oh, that's nice." Not that she continued the idea of reading them, of course.

Anyway, because it is her birthday a large group of us are going out for a fancy steak dinner (paid for thankfully by the lawyer sister, lol). Probably the last time we'll see my brother and his wife as they are moving to Kansas the next day.

Over the next two weeks I'll be around but perhaps not quite as visible as usual. I have little mini-trips planned two weekends in a row. And yes, no suprise here, one is to Solvang and Morro Bay again. The other is to Disneyland (visitors coming). Disneyland in August. Pray for me.

I'm working on two works in progress. Just did my edits for Twice in a Lifetime and they were easy (no cover yet though). Busy, busy.

If I don't pop on here again before the weekend, have a great one.


  1. Happy birthday to your mom!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom hon.... it is special having mom's around at what ever age....

    Do enjoy yuor upcoming trips in the coming weeks..

    Me thinks you need to get a house in Morro Bay - you are almost a resident...

    One more visit and they wont send you back!!!


  3. Thanks everyone for the mom well wishes!

    Yeah, EH, I wish. If I could afford a house there, I'd definitely be a resident! LOL

  4. Happy Birthday wishes for your Mom and I hope you all have a great time together at dinner. Enjoy your weekend trips.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Enjoy your evening with the family and have wonderful trips.

  6. Happy belated birthday to your mom!