Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Writing Musings

Recently I've been thinking about promises. More specifically author promises.

When an author mentions or even promises that there will be more stories in a series or a direct sequel to story (meaning the same couple) and it never materializes, do you feel cheated?

My first published Shawn book was now two years ago. In the beginning, you are enthusiatic about every story that you think of and are eager to write sequels and related books to every book you've written. Trust me. It works that way. It does for me anyway. And the first time you get a fan note asking you about a sequel you definitely can't help feeling giddy.

The reality two years later is you learn a few things. What sells, what doesn't. What deserves your attention, what maybe should be set aside for good. Where your strengths lie, and where perhaps you should leave a certain type of book to more qualified authors. You learn no matter how much you love an idea or a set of characters...well it doesn't always make business sense to write a story when you could be devoting that time and energy to other more viable projects.

But still...as you decide maybe you won't finish that saga after all, you wonder, are there readers out there feeling like you made promises you aren't keeping. I'm not sure.

I know Ava March and I were just talking about stories/sequels we thought we'd never get to after all for one reason or another, which is what made me think about this.


  1. I was picking out names for new heroes last night. Settled on one, but can't decide on the other. He wants to have the same name as another guy, and I might just let him have it because the other guy's book will likely never be written. Kind of sad, because giving an already reserved name away is like putting the nail in the coffin of the other dude's book.

    As a reader, I do get a bit bummed when a sequel to a beloved book never materializes, but usually by that point the author has put out other books that I can enjoy and fall in love with. So it's not like I hold a grudge against the author.

  2. Ah, but is that because you yourself are an author thinking about not continuing a line of stories you mentioned doing?

    Oh, lord, how convoluted whas that sentence? lol

    If you are sure the other guy isn't going to be born, you may as well let the demanding one have his name.

  3. Unfortunately, being the type of person that does not make a promise lightly, I would definitely feel cheated if said author "promised" a sequel and did not follow through. But, if said author said "maybe" that is not a promise and would not feel cheated.

  4. Exactly. I can think of a few authors myself of whom I am a fangirl and if promised books never materialized I would be extremely disappointed.

    On the other hand, as an author, I can't fault another author for deciding that series or sequel is no longer worth his or her time and efforts.

    I'm thinking specifically, in my case, of the Sorcerer's Love series. Originally I intended it to be a series of three books. However, the two prior Sorcerer's Lover books are among my less sellers and I have so many other books wanting to be written and I believe would do better in the market, I am considering not writing the third book.

  5. If it was up to me almost every good book I read would have a sequel or at least a follow up about the couple.
    Reasonably, I understand why a author will make a promise or have intentions of writing a sequel and for some reason or another it doesn't happen.

  6. Thanks Zach (SB). I understand both views since it does happen when an author realizes something isn't going to work, but I would be devastated if we got no more Regelence books from Langley

  7. It depends on how the first book ended. If it was a cliffhanger or open-ended, then I'd be very perturbed. If the sequel's more a "wouldn't it be fun to visit these characters again?" type book, I wouldn't care quite as much.

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  9. Oh I totally agree on that Chris. That would make me bonkers.

    (blogger is a TOTAL pain, too)

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