Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Updates

Managed to get another chapter done on Twice in a Lifetime this past weekend. I think I have one chapter to go, maybe two. I don't think I'll be done by the 15th but hopefully by this weekend. Then I can get it and the forms off to AQ. Then, I'll move on to the next project.

You know what they say about never saying never, but anyway....

Things I Will Never Do:

Write in first person

Write another ménage (see backlist, did one), whether m/m/f or m/m/m

Write a brutal rape or physical attack (this does not include the aftermath of any such events)

Add a third to an established couple (yes this basically falls into the no ménage category but I wanted it said).

Write a sequel where one of the heroes of an established couple cheats. No one-night stands, no two-month affairs.

Write another cheater. I loved Brad. Really. But it was hard to make a cheater into someone sympathetic. I don’t think I’d be capable of doing it again. I love angst but not that kind. No.

Write another het romance. Um, sorry, really not interested.

Have a great week.


  1. Argh. I'm going to end up leaving two comments, because blogger won't let me sign in and subscribe to comments...

  2. This is my real comment. :)

    I love your list of resolutions. Those are resolutions that support what I like/don't like to read.

  3. Blogger really is a pain in the rear.

    Yeah I've been thinking about what I've been seeing in trends lately as well as my own comfort zones so I developed my list. If I ever do what I said I won't you can all feel free to come back to this post and say...but you said!

  4. I'm liking the thing's you'll never do! *g*

    Ok, I wouldn't so much mind a 1st person. I like them fine, though I do prefer 3rd. But it's bloody hard to write, so I see that one. *lol*

    I'm not a fan of menages. Can read m/m/m, but they're hardly ever realistic. Rape is not for me. Or add a third. Or cheaters. *lol*

    You won't write what I hate the most. If a character cheats during a book, I just can't continue reading it. I can't like it. Cheating ruins everything for me. That's why I think that books where one MC cheats, should have a warning of it. *g*

    And I'm so happy you won't write any het books. I don't like het. Females are so annoying in fiction. I am a female myself, but anyway... I'm all for the guys! *lol*

    It's good to know what you're not going to read. I like those authors the most; those that I like the writing of, and know what I'm getting.

    There's some authors I'm not going to buy because the theme of cheating just ruined everything for me.

    I'm weird. I know. But that's the way it is. *lol*

  5. Yeah there's a pretty famous cowboy book where one mc cheats on the other for 2 months and some people think it's this amazing book and I'm like...ick.

    So, yeah, won't be going there. EVER.

    I don't like first person, not because I think it is hard to write, but because I want to read, as a reader, both characters thoughts, wants, aches, pleasures, etc. That's impossible through first person and I feel a bit cheated.

    I don't want chicks in my fiction either. LOL. Unless they are moms, sisters, friends, but not any more than that. Period.

  6. Yeah, that one. I haven't read. Am never going to read it. It sounded interesting from the blurb, but then I found out about the cheating, and was like 'no. Never'.

    Good to know! *g*

    Ah, yeah, I do like to know both mcs pov too. But there's two authors where I can't get enough off their 1st person pov books. *lol*

    Good we feel the same about women! *lol* They can be minor characters, but not involved with any of the mcs! *g*

  7. I have a feeling that you won't have any difficulty sticking to your guns with this list.

  8. Probably not, lol. Don't want to make things too difficult for me.