Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Updates

I'll be gone Saturday and Sunday to Morro Bay and I'm not bringing my laptop. It's really shocking because I just got my beautiful ice blue baby this week and have hardly had a chance to pet it, plus Morro Bay motels have free internet. I can't tell you the number of places I've been where that is NOT the case.

Still it's only a couple of days and I made the decision I needed a mini-break from it. I'm rather obsessed with my computer. Plus it's a good rehearsal for later in the month when I am going to Denver for a couple of days for work and won't have internet access as I'll be stuck in meetings the entire time. Even the dinner is mandatory.

I'll be taking some pictures while in Morro Bay to post for later. As I think I've said, I set The Beach House in Morro Bay so I thought it would be fun to post pictures from where John and Mason hang out.

Anyway, so there won't be any posts on the blog either Saturday or Sunday this week and unless I can think of something mind-blowing for Friday I probably won't do much of a post Friday either. I'm getting a bit lazy I guess.

Twice in a Lifetime is coming along. I've only been able to write at lunch this week on it but since I have no real deadline except for the one in my head, I'm okay with that. Jude's first love was murdered so there's a bit more angst there. It's going to take some effort on Rex's part to convince Jude to give them a chance. Oh, Jude will be willing to have sex at some point (though I'm all the way through three chapters and no sex in sight, lol), but he'll be harder to convince to become involved in a more permanent arrangement. It's hard to believe that Sweet Reunion, where we first met Jude, briefly, was almost a year ago already. Time flies.

Hell, once I safely send Jude and Rex off into the sunset of happiness, I'll be working on The Other Side 2, AKA, The Same Side. By the time I have it finished and a release date it will be nearly two years. I plan on putting Nick and Ray through the ringer, too. And yes, be warned right now, spoiler alert, I am breaking them up. You'll just have to read it to see what happens.

That will take me into late summer and the next project. After that...who knows.

I ended up rambling a bit there, I know.


  1. I'm twitching at the thought of internet disconnect. :) I hope it's revitalizing for you! Perhaps I shall start dreading the trip to the cabin in northern MN this summer - no internet. Heck, they just got phone last fall...

  2. Gasp! Are you going for an entire week? A weekend is doable but longer than that and I get the serious shakes.

  3. Probably just a long weekend.

    *twitch twitch*

  4. Have a great time at Morro Bay!

    I get twitchy, too, when I go to the land of no internet. It's hard to imagine that just 10 years ago I was able to survive without checking email 25 times a day and that I could go to the grocery store without a cell phone.

  5. I hope you have a great time!! It sounds like a lovely place. But two whole days without internet? I can't imagine it. :)

  6. Thanks girls! I know I am going to have a great time!

  7. You deserve a weekend vacation after finishing The Beach House! Though I can't believe you're going no-internet :-O Heck, I got an iPhone so the internet would always be just a tap of a screen away, even if I didn't have my laptop with me. I don't know what I'd do without my phone. I love him. Wait, need to pet him...ahhh. He's so good. LOL