Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes It Just Doesn't Go the Way You Want

Okay, so Twice in a Lifetime isn't going as fast as I wanted it to. There's no problem. I'm not stalled or anything, I just think it's going to end up being a wee bit longer than I originally thought. I think it means I'll be going into July before it is finished. I will be working on it extensively over the weekend (I think), but I'll be away again next week/weekend, though this time the laptop will be with me. And my calendar tells me July is coming at breakneck speed.

This will mean a slight delay in getting to The Same Side, but those interested never fear, I am getting to it next.

Um, though I admit I did start a new story. Just started it. Honestly. I am not going to bump anything else in place of it.

The Only Forever series concludes at last this weekend.


  1. A new story! Were you attacked by a plotbunny that wouldn't rest until you jotted a few things down?

  2. lol, that is exactly it. I thought of it on the bus the other day and then suddenly I had names and while I was at my work conference this week I saw other inspirational things related to it and I kept going, no, no, don't do it. I did of course, :)

  3. How many total books are in the Only series?

  4. Hi Jen


    1) Only in His Dreams
    2) Only For Him
    3) Only His Heart
    4) His One and Only (released this weekend)

    In July the series will come out in paperback and I will be giving a way at least one copy of it at that time.

  5. Plot bunnies can be relentless little suckers. Gotta watch out for them. I hear they are rather fond of MAP, too ;)

    I can't believe it's already mid June. What the hell happened to May?

  6. I think they shifted things around so May's going to be later in the year or something... ;)

  7. Shawn, better for Twice to be longer than shorter (talking words not anatomical parts, because longer is not always better, lol).

    And I thought bunnies were always so cute. Oh, wait they still are, means we get more books, :)

    Enjoy your trip.