Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Series Plans

The planner/plotter in Ava March must be influencing me for I already have the third in the Sutter's Bay series planned.

Galaxy's Heart (Book # 3 in the Sutter's Bay Series) (title is tentative until Shawn thinks of a better one).

Ten years ago, Galaxy Winthrop had a one-night stand with the hottest guy ever. Besides the hot guy, there was one other thing Galaxy remembered from that long ago night, the man's mention of the Northern California town, Sutter's Bay, where he once lived. Years later, Galaxy has made it his mission to save his troubled little brother, Leo. The once bright, bubbly kid has become sullen, quiet and despondent. Sutter's Bay seems the perfect location to start a new life for him and Leo.

Adam Colfer came back to Sutter's Bay to run his dad's diner after his passing. He'd thought he'd left it behind when he moved to San Francisco, but it seemed Sutter's Bay had other plans. The last person he expects to see in his little quiet burb is Galaxy. After an explosive night of sex with a twenty year old Galaxy a decade earlier, Adam woke to an empty bed. But now Galaxy is in Sutter's Bay, a troubled brother in tow, and Adam can't help but wonder if this is his second chance to win Galaxy's heart

There may be a fourth story involving Rex's brother, Stevie, and the infamous psychiatrist mentioned in the stories, Dr. Carew.

If that is the case, there will be five stories, because Leo will eventually get a story as well. I'm thinking of pairing either Stevie and the psychiatrist or Leo and the psychiatrist or even Leo and Stevie. I haven't planned that far ahead yet, though if I was Ava, I probably would have and written like 5 pages of planning as well, lol.

Anyhow, you will meet Adam, Galaxy, Leo and even a bit of Stevie in Twice in a Lifetime. If I ever get it finished, of course.


  1. :) You've made my little plotter heart smile. Of course, I'm still waiting for the day when you tell me you got a new book idea and have already typed up a chapter outline. ...I may be waiting a long time for that day, though. LOL

    Fab blurb, and I really like the title!!

  2. I take it from Ava's comment that you're more of a pantster, Shawn? :)

  3. Yes, totally. I rarely ever plan anything and generally it changes when I do. Ava writes pages and pages of outlines for stories. If I did that I'd be too bored by my characters by the time I sat down to write it. lol

    I like the title too, Ava, but worried that it would be too similar to another title at AQ. We'll see.

  4. Oooh another yummy series to look forward to! WICKED!

    *ummm maybe we can get a menage couple...just sayin' *grin*

  5. Glad you are looking forward to it, Anna.

    I don't do or write menage, but there are plenty of capable authors out there that do. :)

  6. Awesome, another great series to look forward to.

    Shawn, I want to thank you again for His One and Only. I read the whole series and really liked it.

    It may be a while before I write up something on them because of other reviews I'm committed to. And I've gotten so slow at writing the reviews of the books I read for my own pleasure. So thanks again!

  7. Thank you, Lily. No worries on the reviews. I'm just glad you enjoyed the stories.