Sunday, June 6, 2010

Once Again

I have returned from Morro Bay. Had a great time, but um, well, we forgot to put on sunscreen and for several hours we walked around a very sunny Morro Bay. We got burned to a crisp. If you could see me you would see I am NEON RED. LOL

Oh, well, you'd think at my age I would learn. Nope.

Morro Bay was gorgeous. We had perfect weather and a fantastic dinner at our favorite restaurant, Dorn's. Unfortunately, we couldn't help wishing we had another night there. I think I'll be going back there very soon.

I took lots of pictures so closer to the release of The Beach House I'll post them.

Back to work on Twice in a Lifetime.


  1. OUCH!! Neon red does not sound good at all. It seems you guys had a great time anyways so hopefully that helps ease the pain.

  2. Ouch is right! And *hangs head* I did the same thing. We've had such a rainy spring that when the sun finally DID come out this weekend (briefly), I dashed right out and got my lobster imitation on too.

    Sounds like a wonderful time, and I know you recharge there. Glad to hear it was a good trip (excepting the burn of course).

  3. Thanks ladies. It was definitely a lesson learned! lol

  4. Sorry to hear about the sunburn - but so pleased you enjoy your weekend away..

    It is nice to get away from it all once in awhile..