Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Amber Quill May Best Sellers

What's Hot?
May 2010
Best Sellers!

1. Be The Air For You
- T. A. Chase
(Gay / Contemporary)

2. Only His Heart
- Shawn Lane
(Gay / Contemporary)

3. Master Bear
- Angelia Sparrow
& Naomi Brooks
(Gay / Contemporary)

4. Skipping Stones
- D. J. Manly
(Gay / Contemporary)

5. The Back Stairs
- KC Kendricks
(Gay / Shapeshifter)

6. Hot And Sticky
- Keta Diablo
(Gay / Contemporary)

7. You And Me And The Moon
- Pepper Espinoza
(Gay / Contemporary)

8. Allegro Vivace
- Cat Grant
(Gay / Contemporary)

9. Love Is Snowblind
- Deirdre O'Dare
(Gay / Contemporary)

10. (Boys Of The Zodiac)
Taurus: All That You Do
- Jamie Craig
(Gay / Contemporary)

I really have to thank all of you for making this series so successful. For Only His Heart to make number 2 when it came out the fourth weekend of May is awesome. Thank you.


  1. Congrats! (And you are very welcome!)

  2. My pleasure as always!! You are the epitome of an autobuy..have been from the start. ;)

    Great job on the 2nd place chart topper, holy crow that's amazing!

  3. Shawn: You really need to include that blurb from Devon in your promo stuff - it's awesome!

    Shawn Lane... "the epitome of an autobuy".

  4. lol, thanks ladies.

    The quote is very cool although it would be quite self-serving. :D