Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Musings

If you see this culprit run!

Well, as it turns out my Shayne was attacked by a man-eating cockatoo (corrected per Jack). He was bitten by one anyway. One that wasn't supposed to bite. Anyway, the bird bit him pretty good (or bad if you are Shayne) on two of his right hand fingers. It became infected (he's on antiibiotics), he had to have it cleaned and he got stitches. His fingers are bandaged and he can't really type.

10 Interesting Things About Me (or maybe not so interesting, lol)

1) I never knew any of my grandparents
2) I once wanted to be a nun (um…yeah)
3) I have recently discovered I don’t believe in God (quite a difference, huh), yet I am uncomfortable with the label “atheist”
4) Every guy I see out in public I want to be gay
5) I’ve been to Ireland, Florida, Tennessee, New York, Austria, Germany, Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota, Minnesota, Oregon, Hawaii, Colorado, Ohio, Utah, and New Jersey.
6) I am addicted to programs on TruTv and the Home and Garden channel.
7) I own Adam Lambert’s album
8) I drink coffee and tea, probably too much
9) I have worked in the legal field in giant corporations since 1991
10) I didn’t learn to drive until I was in my 30s


  1. I once bought an issue of Details Magazine just because of the beautiful man on the cover... turned out to be Adam.. also turned out to be the best pictures I have ever seen of him.

  2. Yeah, I definitely find him nice to look at, :-)

  3. Lol! Poor Shayne!

    You didn't learn to drive until you were in your 30's? What made you decide to learn then?

    Thanks for sharing your ten things! I thought they were very interesting:)

  4. Basically I have something of a driving phobia. It's very difficult, though, not driving in Southern California, and trying to rely on others and public transportation is pretty hard. My sister offered to give me her car if I let her teach me to drive, so that's why I agreed, but I am still very uncomfortable driving.

  5. OUCH! Sending healing (and cockatiel repelling) thoughts to Shayne!

    I can't decide if I'm an agnostic atheist or an atheistic agnostic.

  6. Oh, and based on the neighborhood in which I live, I just assume any attractive male person I see in my neighborhood is gay.

  7. I have a feeling I would adore your neighborhood.

    I have always been suspicious of pet birds so I would never have been near the vicious monster to begin with. Shayne made the mistake of thinking it would like to be petted. tsk tsk.

    I like your terms, especially atheistic agnostic. Might have to borrow that one.

  8. Not that there's anything wrong with birds, oh bird lovers out there (except the ones that bite my bff of course). I'll stick to my cat, though.

  9. I enjoyed your 10 things. Driving can be very stressful. Ugh.

    Birds can be pure evil. Poor Shayne. Hopefully he's come to realize that the only good bird to have around the house is fried chicken or the Thanksgiving turkey.

  10. LOL - they aren't my terms - they're lifted straight outta Wikipedia. :)

  11. Why do I keep seeing the Blue Boy being attacked by thousands of Cockateils? LMAO!

    Run Shayne Run!

    Adam Lambert. God, he's a sexy thing! I love his CD too!

    I don't like to drive either. If I can I avoid it.

  12. Shayne calls it a Cockatiel but it was actually a Cockatoo that bit him.
    He's lucky he it was a bite. It could have been much worse.

    I have a fear of saying I'm agnostic because what if I'm wrong? What if there really is a God? I like to think there is. There's got to be more to it than this.

  13. I go back and forth, Jack. Sometimes I believe and sometimes not. It's hard sometimes to buy it.

    Yeah, birds are quite filthy so I am not surprised it got infected

  14. Ouch!! Poor Shayne, I hope he recovers quickly. Sending big hugs and good wishes to him.

    I can't imagine not driving. It is so relaxing to me to get in a car, turn on the radio and just drive and drive and drive. Course if it's 5 o'clock rush hour it's not quite the same. But I do know several people that either have never learned or learned later on like you.

    I believe in a God but not really in organized religion. I did the required years of CCD classes and church on Sundays and the older I got the less my fundamental beliefs agreed with the church's POV.

  15. Yay, nicky. I knew I adored you! You like Adam AND you don't like driving. Muah! as Shayne would say.

  16. lol, eyre. bloggers comments are wanky today so I only saw your comment about birds just now. Here I was trying to be kind to bird lovers so I didn't get hate mail and you are talking about eating them! lmao!

  17. Well, I've never been a fan of pet birds. If nothing else, birds are meant to fly around, not hang out in some cage indoors. I can see why the only pet birds I've ever met have been cranky things. Still, no excuse for one to bite poor Shayne :( I hope he feels better soon.

    I could NEVER see you as a nun. LOL.

  18. I am sorry to hear about Shayne troubles... and on his fingers no less, that does mess up your day big time..

    all good thoughts going his way...

    I love your list of ten things. I just recently found out about Adam Lambert recently, there are one or two songs that are really funky sounding.. I like them.

    I am way past 30 and I CAN'T DRIVE... There I have said it..

    and I definitely drink too much tea..

    Happy day hon..


  19. Ah, blogger comments are working again.

    Yeah, Lily, I went through all the CCD, confirmation, etc, as well. I'm with you. If I believe in God, which I am going back and forth all the time, I don't believe in organized religion. And certainly not the intolerant God I know many believe in.

    Interesting that you find driving relazing, Lily. It gives me stomach aches and makes me break out in a sweat.

    Ava, yeah, me a nun, lol. In my defense, I was a kid and they looked cool in their habits sitting in mass.

    I'm with you on way past 30, EH, lol. You are in England, though, no? They probably have way better public transportation than Los Angeles which is next to none and they are cutting out what they do have. But that's another story, lol.