Monday, May 3, 2010

I Don't Have Much

Not really much to report. Working on 3 different stories at the moment. My “plan” is to have at least one of them done by the end of the month. Hopefully more than one.

Wednesday morning I am leaving for Las Vegas. Early. We are driving which is about a 5 hour drive. It’s not as bad as it sounds, promise.

As previously noted, at least until the dead zone on Saturday, I will have my laptop with me. Trust me, the baby goes with me. I am going to “try” to get some writing done, but if not I will be reading some. The Kindle is coming too.

And still waiting for two covers. I got spoiled for a while because Amber Quill used to get my covers done fast. Not so any more. I have to be patient.

Unless I have news, though, I probably won’t update the blog. Won’t be any excerpt this week either. If I win a jackpot I’ll keep you posted. I’ll post pictures of my adventures when I return.


  1. Have a great time! I've never been to Las Vegas, so I want lots of details when you return.

  2. We expect you to have a fabulous time, Angel Face! No writing while in Vegas, your sexy heroes can wait until you get home.
    You are to have way way way way too much fun!


  3. Have a grand time - live it up, laugh a lot and cut lose - even if only for one night..


  4. Thanks everyone, I intend to have a fabulous time.

  5. Hope you have a fabulous time in Las Vegas!

  6. Have a fun time, Shawn. Win lots of money! We'll miss you!

  7. Take pictures of any hot guys you see, particularly any sexy ones with eyeliner! LOL!
    Have a blast, Shawn! We'll miss ya!

  8. LOL @ Maggie

    She's got the right idea. Take pictures of sexy men!

    Have fun!