Thursday, April 8, 2010

And So...

Today is the last day to enter to win a copy of Still the One. Check back here Saturday to learn if you are the winner.

Still the One is short. I think it comes in at 11,000 words and I'll be honest and tell you it's just a sweet little story. No that doesn't mean no sex (if you read the official excerpt you'll know that isn't the case). But I think you will find the story can be read fast, it doesn't have much angst, and I hope will leave you with at least a half smile on your face when finished.

I wrote it to be short and sweet. I had volunteered to be part of the Amber Quill Pax about best friends known as From This Moment On. At the time I volunteered I had intended to use another work in progress, Never the One (notice the similarity in titles though they have NOTHING in common, lol). As the deadline approached, though, I realized Never the One was going to be longer and more complicated than I could devote the time to as I was in full swing on the Only Forever series.

I had vague ideas of maybe one day writing a sequel for Dusty and Malcolm from The Best Gift but never gave it a huge amount of thought until I realized my planned story wouldn't fly for the Pax. Thus, inbetween writing Only For Him and Only His Heart, I squeezed in Still the One.

So, it's not a complicated story (Neither was The Best Gift), but I think you will enjoy reading it.

If you don't win though, I think Amber Quill has started something new and the first week of release their books are like 35% discount. I think this makes Still the One under three bucks for its first week.

Tomorrow’s excerpt is going to be rather unusual in that it’s the beginning of a story I’m not sure I’ll write. I guess if I get a decent reaction I will consider it. If not…well, I won’t. LOL


  1. I love that picture! It makes me think of Shayne and Jack with their worthless dogs.

  2. Me, too. That's what made me pick it, lol

  3. Y'all are right! It does remind me of Jack and Shayne too! One needs long hair and the other is much cuter! LOL!

    Congrats on the new release this weekend!

  4. I want to enter the contest!! I really loved The Best Gift, so I know I'll enjoy this next book.

    Thanks for the eye candy! Shayne and Jack look pretty nice together

  5. Okay Sophie you are in!

    Yeah I know they don't really look like the boys but they are cute anyway, lol