Thursday, March 18, 2010

Updates and Questions For You

So I’ve been trying to come up with a topic for the blog. Things have been slow this week. I have no real news and my next book doesn’t come out until April.

I’m not even sure what I will post as Saturday’s excerpt. Any requests or suggestions?

Haven’t even received bff news. Someone (who shall remain nameless but he’s very close to Shayne) was supposed to be keeping me informed more often.

Anyway, so here is what I have come up with. Some questions about your significant others or what you would do if you had one if you don’t at the moment.

This concerns forgiving. What would you forgive from your SO.?

1) During a moment of illness, your SO throws up all over you. In your opinion, your SO had time to avoid barfing directly on you, but they didn’t and now you are very grossed out. Would you forgive them or is this something that would turn you off from them pretty much forever?

2) Your SO is away on business and during a lull heads to a bar in his/her hotel. They meet someone interesting and attractive who they end up flirting with a bit and that person suggests they go to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Your SO agrees. Afterwards, the person implies they should hook up for something more, but your SO explains that while the evening was enjoyable and the other person is attractive, they are already in a committed relationship. Your SO tells you about the evening. Would it bother you that your SO went on a “date”?

3) You and your lover have been having problems and are arguing a lot. At some point, you suggest that perhaps it would be better to spend some time apart. Your lover agrees, reluctantly. They don’t like the idea but you think it would be best. After a couple of days you realize it was a mistake and you miss them like crazy. When you prepare to get back with your lover, you learn that during your brief separation, your lover had sex with someone else. Would you forgive them?

4) You aren’t the world’s best cook but you aren’t the worst ever either. One day at a party you overhear your SO joking with friends about how bad your cooking is and that they think you must be trying to poison them. Everyone laughs. Are you hurt or are you laughing with everyone else?

5) You’ve been with your SO for several years and thought you knew everything about them. One day some beautiful creature (he or she) shows up at your front door claiming to be an ex of your SO from years ago and they just wanted to say hello since they were in town. Your SO isn’t home and you send the person away. Your SO never told you about this relationship. Would this bother you?

6) You’ve been having money problems and have discussed the need to cut back on expenses with your lover. Just a few days later you come home and your lover is showing you the expensive pair of designer jeans they just had to have because they looked so fantastic on them. Do you confront them on this extravagance?

That’s all I can think of now. Have fun answering the questions.


  1. My vote for excerpt Saturday is something from Another Chance. :)

    1. I'd be grossed out and likely pissed as I clean up, but the SO was sick, so he's forgiven.

    2. No. I trust him completely.

    3. Um...tough one. Technically, we were not together, so he can do as he pleases. But I'd be questioning whether we should get back together.

    4. I'm so laughing with everyone else.

    5. Nope, wouldn't bother me.

    6. It happends once, and he's forgiven but has to listen to a 'we need to be practical about money' speech. If it happens again...he gets bitched at and he better return the damn jeans, no matter how cute they make his ass look. LOL

    Great questions!

  2. Great answers of course.

    In case anyone is interested here are mine.

    1) It would not be pleasant but it is forgivable. This question comes up because someone near and dear to me does not think it is forgiveable. lol

    2) I might be slightly annoyed but would be mostly okay with it.

    3) I'd have to wonder how they came up with someone so fast to sleep with. Have they been eying this person all along and just jumping at the chance? Fair or not, it would bother me a lot.

    4) I'd be hurt.

    5) I might wonder why they never told me about this relationship but I wouldn't really freak out.

    6) I'd definitely confront them over the expensive pair of jeans.I don't know if I would make them take the jeans back but I might tell them they had to give up something else in exchange if they really want them.

  3. 1. I'd get over it. He was sick. It's not the end of the world. (Why would this be unforvigable? I'm assumming they didn't plan it lol?)

    2. It would bother me. Honestly, since nothing happened, that would be one of those little secerts I'd be fine if he kept to himself.

    3. I'm not sure. I'd be pretty upset.

    4. What are you talking about? I am the world's worst cook!

    5. I might be annoyed he/she showed up, but my ex is pretty good looking too, so I have nothing to complain about.

    6. Confront.

  4. I vote for more excerpts from one of the books in the Only Forever series - except the first because I've already read that and loved it;))

    1. Ugh, gross. So gross. But it would probably be forgivable - after a while;))

    2. Would be so annoyed. It would bother me like hell. Would probably wonder if something did actually happen. Probably best of he never told me about it, since nothing did happen.

    3. Nope, would not forgive them at all. If they couldn't keep it in their pants for such a short while, I have nothing else to say to the person.

    4. I'd be really really angry. And make the food even more bad just on purpose.

    5. I would wonder why I'd never been told about it, but I don't think it would've bothered me much.

    6. I would confront him/her. Not acceptable after having told the person about the money problems - I'd be so annoyed.

  5. Basically the person who inspired the first question thinks it is unforgiveable because they don't believe it could ever be accidental. It is their opinion that you could always turn away before barfing on someone. The only exception, in their opinion, is if you have Arsenic poisoning and in that case you'd probably be dead anyway and they wouldn't have to worry about forgiving you, lol. Trust me, it's not my hangup.

    Great answers, DL and TT. Already we can see the difference in the way we all think.

  6. What is Another Chance that Ava mentioned? That excerpt would be good.

    1) Wouldn't like it but is forgivable.

    2) Might be a little jealous but trust so it would be okay.

    3) Oh cripes, this happened to me, you know my ex? lol Although we were not physically together technically we were suppose to be working on the relationship, so I could not and did not forgive.

    4) Am a decent cook so inside I would hurt but would smile it off.

    5) No. The ex is an ex for a reason. But will make a good conversation over dinner that evening, lol.

    6) Soft reminder of expenses and suggest cutting back on something else to offset the cost first time. Second, be prepared to give up something else, lol.

    Shawn, those were great questions.

    Happy Friday.


  7. Thanks for responding, S! Yeah, since you've been through the one, you know how you would react.

    Another Chance is from Ellora's Cave and has a generic "Quckie" cover. You can see it over there to the left of the blog. It's a Regency Set M/M though it contains one scene of M/F sex in it.

  8. Wow, these are fun (I'm easily entertained??).

    1. Nobody likes to puke, and the impending feeling can be horrible, so I'm assuming that they were distracted.

    2. Hmm, yes I trust them, but I'd be wondering why he didn't just give ME a call if he was bored enough to hook up with a stranger!

    3. Nope. Some lines cannot be crossed in my world.

    4. I'd know they were joking because I'm fabulous. JK. I'd be a bit hurt inside but laugh along outside.

    5. Not bothered. I'm sure I haven't told them every detail of everyone I've dated.

    6. Hell yeah, because presumably, I'VE been adhering to the moritorium on spending! But I might be lenient if he looks smoking hot in them...

  9. It was fun to do and see other people's answers. I wish I could have gotten others too but it seems I am still being ignored by certain people.

  10. Shawn,

    I've really enjoyed reading everyone's answers! My national boards are due soon, so I'm not taking much time for the internet, but I do have to comment about your situation #1. I'd have to forgive him because as soon as he threw up on me, I'd throw up on him. I'm a sympathetic vomiter. If I see someone throwing up, I can't stop myself from doing the same.

  11. Nice to see you Eyre, good luck with the Boards