Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nothing New-Here's an Excerpt

Having unfortunately no news, here is an excerpt from the first released Shawn Lane story, The Squire. Just in case you haven't read it yet.

William knew he would need to force himself to take it
slow with Duncan. He had suspected the squire was virginal,
which was why he stroked them both to their first release. If
he hadn’t done that, he would have pounced, likely scaring
Duncan half to death.

So he’d listened to his instincts and now the boy lay naked
on his back in William’s bed, ready and willing. The dark
mass of curls on his head hung partially in his brown eyes. His
tongue kept licking his bottom lip, making his slightly pouty
mouth look decidedly kissable. William would spend all night
kissing and nipping those lips. Among other parts of Duncan.
He took a moment to gaze at the squire’s naked form.

Being nearly nine years younger than William, Duncan didn’t
have the well-defined muscles he did. Over the years, William
fought many a tournament and even more battles. The
broadsword he wielded gave him great strength in his biceps.
Duncan’s young body was slim for the most part, with a hint
of muscle in his arms and legs. He did have a large cock
which rose with interest as William studied it.

“Is…is something wrong?” Duncan asked softly.

“Nay, I wanted to look upon you for a moment. You are

Duncan blushed deep red. “Women are beautiful. I am no

William laughed. “Make no mistake, Duncan. I am well
aware of your gender. But you are wrong. Men can be
beautiful. Do you not find me pleasant to look upon?”

The squire nodded eagerly.

“Well, then, you see. There is no shame in being good to
look at. Brush your locks out of your eyes,” he ordered.
Duncan obeyed instantly. He liked how the young man
was eager to please.

“Stroke yourself for me, Duncan.”

The squire bit at his lip. “But I want you to touch me.”

“Do not concern yourself with that. I will touch you all


  1. Mmmm, time for a re-re-re-read. And it's even legal since I got my wip done today!

  2. Yeah I still have a great fondness for the characters. I still get requests for a swequel too. Um, not gonna happen, lol.

    But I do love Duncan and William.

  3. Nice to know I am not guilty of this one as it is one of the few of yours I do not have at this moment, lol. Sounds good, though. I might have to move it up on the list.

    Just out of curiosity, the "not gonna happen" is because you have so many others calling to you already?


  4. Yes, that's basically it, and for the time period (not to give anything away) I think I gave William and Duncan a pretty decent HEA in the story.

    I've even had requests for a story involving a very minor secondary character in the story that maybe gets two paragraphs, lol. You just never know what will pique peopl's interests.

    The next historical or historical lite I work on will likely be Sorcerer's Lover 3 (and my co-authored book with Ava)