Monday, March 1, 2010

March Has Arrived

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was a mixed bag.

Friday night was good because I watched one of my favorite movies and cried. Saturday was cool because it was spent with family and friends.

Sunday…not so much. I was depressed and feeling sorry for myself. I got pretty much nothing done except laundry and a short trip to the store. Probably not a good idea to drive as I was in a bit of a fog, too. I watched movies and television and convinced myself I never wanted to write again.

I don’t have those days often but Sunday was one of them. I'm better now. I hope the rest of the week is a little brighter.

Oddly enough when I went to change my hottie calendar (I forget the actual name but it’s full of hot men) to March there was Ashtyn. This very picture. Small world. Had no idea Ashtyn was there for my birth month.

I’m feeling old. I’ll be 45 this month. Originally I thought about getting a tattoo to mark the day but now I am beginning to chicken out.

Have a good week.


  1. I think it's a sign that Ashtyn is your birthday month! I'm not sure what it's a sign of, but I'm sure it's good ;)

    I'm not trying to sway you, but I think tattoo's a friggin' awesome. I have three and I'm very happy with them. But it is permanent so don't do it unless you're sure. Getting them removed hurts way more than getting them done. What were you thinking about getting?

  2. I'm sure it must be a good sign, too.

    I have to say that with very few exceptions my family and friends have not been encouraging regarding a tattoo. In fact, the word is more like disapproving.

    Not that I would let that stop me. I can quite thumb my nose at their concerns when I want. I have a friend who has a rather significant one and I asked her about the pain. She said on a scale of 1-10 it was a 10. Then she said she would do it again and wants more. Quite confusing.

    I was wanting something related to swords, knights, castles. Then I thought a simple flower, then I thought the other day two embracing men, which I don't even know if they can do that. LOL.

  3. Shawn,

    From some of the tattoos I have seen, they can pretty much do anything. The pain from getting a tattoo is similar to childbirth from what I have heard. In Lamaze class, they say you forget childbirth pain, but to be honest, you never forget but you don't let it stop you from having another is what I have found. The end product justifies the pain. Make sense? Think that is what your friend meant also.

    What day in March?


  4. (((Shawn)))

    I'm sorry that you've been down. You have a wondrous talent. Please don't doubt it.

    If you want a tattoo, go for it!

  5. Yeah, thanks Eyre. I'm still down. I thought I was over it but I'm still feeling down. I didn't lt stop me from working on something today writing-wise today at lunch but I did work on something with more angst.

    Well, S, I have not felt the pain of childbirth, but I have felt some pretty wicked pain. So we will see on that score. LOL.


  6. Hmm, 03/22 must be a really special day- one of my closest friends turns 21 that day.

    Yea, I've known people who have become addicted to [the pain] of tattoos. It does hurt a lot, but hey, the result does last forever. I'm sure you could find an artist who could do two men beautifully. The problem is the more detail, the larger it has to be. The larger it has to be, the more it costs and the more it hurts.

  7. March is going to be a fab month for you - you've got Ashtyn presiding over it, in swim trunks nonetheless. LOL

    Tattoos...I could never get one. Way too chicken. But if you want to get one, I think you should go for it. :) Go Shawn!

  8. Thanks everyone. Still on the fence on that tattoo. :-)