Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday Updates

So, I didn’t get quite as much done Thursday on the current wip. Understandable given the day. Still I got about 500 words.

Monday I will begin the giveaway for Only In His Dreams. Wow, does it seem like forever since I had a release? It does to me. I’m excited to finally have a release coming up. As you know, Only In His Dreams is the first story in my Only series.

Saturday’s excerpt will be from Only In His Dreams but I think I am going to use the one that gives you a taste of Barnaby and Nate from Only For Him, coming in April.

Not sure who will appear as candy yet on Sunday. I’ll find something.


  1. Yay! A contest! I'm looking forward to your new release. I hope you have a good and productive Friday.

  2. Me, too! This is my firs release if 2010 and it seems like it took forever to almost get here, lol. Stll another week to go!

  3. It not only seems forever since you've had a release (forever in Shawn new book-release time), but it seems so long ago since you wrote Only in His Dreams. You've written a bunch of books since then, so it feels like SO long ago. lol

  4. I just checked. I finished it m-d-December so it was a while ago, lol.

    Yeah I've written 3 other stories since then and am half done with another.