Friday, March 19, 2010

Excerpt - Another Chance by Shawn Lane


Aubrey turned to see Daniel coming toward him. He took a step back.

“Where’s your coach?”

“I didn’t bring one,” Aubrey admitted.

Daniel nodded. “Mine’s not far. I’ll give you a ride. Come on.”

“Are you sure you want to take another carriage ride with me?”

Daniel’s eyes widened. His cheeks pinked.

Shut up, Aubrey. Lord, why don’t you keep your mouth shut?

“I would like a ride, thank you.”

Daniel nodded stiffly and Aubrey felt like kicking himself. He followed Daniel to his carriage though and they took seats opposite from each other, waiting in the long line to move away from Maribel’s house.

“Look, I really think we should talk,” Daniel said after a moment. “Would you be agreeable to coming to my home?

Aubrey forced himself not to shout yes. Over eagerness would probably scare Graystone away. Something he definitely did not want to do.

“All right,” he replied, forcing calm into his tone.

He stared across the coach, trying to will himself not to move to sit next to Daniel. He wanted to. Hell, he couldn’t even blame drunkenness this time. He’d only had the one glass at the ball. But Aubrey was absolutely compelled to get closer to Daniel. Turning toward the window, he blew out a heavy breath.

Aubrey tugged at his cravat and closed his eyes. If he didn’t look at Daniel he could fight the temptation. He heard movement from the seat across from him. Daniel shifting in his seat.

“Aubrey,” his name spoken softly right next to his ear. Aubrey opened his eyes to see Daniel very close. Before he could react, Daniel’s lips came down on his. The kiss was tentative at first, Aubrey supposed Daniel expected to be rebuffed. He wrapped his arms around Daniel and pulled him closer, slipping his tongue in between Daniel’s slightly parted lips.

At any moment, Daniel could come to his senses and Aubrey had to make sure that didn’t happen. Keeping his lips locked with Daniel’s, Aubrey loosened his cravat, desperate to touch skin. He exposed Daniel’s throat and stroked it with his fingertips.

“Ah,” Daniel gasped against his mouth. “Aubrey.”

Aubrey plunged his tongue deeper and kissed him hard, pushing him down on the cushion. His hands roamed under Daniel’s coat, caressing his crisp white dress shirt, looking for a way in to touch naked skin.

Then Daniel cupped his hard cock through his trousers.

“Oh God!”

Aubrey’s breath hitched and his gaze went to Daniel’s long fingers which were tugging at the fastenings of his trousers. He swallowed.

“Um, Daniel,” he managed to say around their kiss.

Daniel broke the kiss and stared at him, a question in his passion-blazed blue eyes.

“I…just wanted to point out that with us being in a coach and all, a moving one at that, we might be better off waiting to go further when we reach our destination.” Aubrey prayed Daniel wouldn’t back off from the idea of having sex. He really did. But he didn’t relish having the Graystone driver opening the door to them fucking either.

Daniel blinked and then straightened in the seat. “Damnation. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, I’m not. But for what I have in mind I don’t want to be interrupted.”

Daniel nodded. “I’ll…go back to my seat now.”

Aubrey mourned the loss of the warm body next to his but agreed it was perhaps for the best.

Daniel laughed, glancing down at his own trousers. His arousal was plainly evident. “I’m afraid I won’t be able to hide this.”

Aubrey grinned. “Don’t worry, I just need a private room without fear of interruption and I’ll take care of that.”

Daniel sighed and leaned his head back on the seat. “Do you think this is wise?”

“Probably not,” Aubrey admitted. “But it’s what I want.”

Daniel didn’t reply at first. In fact, Aubrey didn’t think he would respond. Just as the coach slowed to a stop, Daniel shifted.

“Me too. Let’s go talk.”


  1. Yeah! You posted an excerpt from Another Chance. I adored Aubrey and Daniel :)

  2. Dang, you did it again, now I have to go read. Same thing happened with The Squire. Apparently I'm highly suggestible!

  3. It seems like a million years ago since I wrote this book. It was 2007, lol