Monday, March 22, 2010

45 Today

This is one of those days where I don't have much to report. I took today off from the evil day job since it's my 45th birthday. Still not sure how that happened so fast. But as they say...turning another year older is better than the alternative.

The first three months have not improved over 2009 yet but I am still holding out hope that it will get better.

Anyway, I didn't get anything much written over the weekend. I was incredibly lazy and uninspired. Still waiting to see my cover for Only In His Heart and I am still waiting to hear where Pieces will land. And still waiting for news that Shayne has improved. I am hoping to get that news soon. Waiting. I do hate waiting.

Because it's my birthday I am having cream filled donuts for breakfast. Yep. LOL. Later tonight I'll be going to dinner with friends. Tomorrow it is back to reality.

I hope everyone has a decent week and thanks again for all your well wishes for Shayne. I know he would appreciate it if he was able to see them.


  1. Happy birthday, Shawn!!

    I hope this year will be better than 2009 for you and don't worry, like you say turning another year older is better than the alternative :)

    Best wishes

  2. Happy birthday! This year just has to get better for all of us. Enjoy your dinner tonight.

    I'm still keeping poor Shayne and Jack in my prayers.

  3. Happy Birthday Shawn!!! I hope all your wishes come true.


  4. Happy Birthday! :D

    Personally, I think the first 3 months have been not so bad for you. You've gotten a ton of amazing books written. 5 books, unless I'm miscounting. You rock!!!

    Waiting sucks big hairy ballocks! grrr. But perhaps the inbox fairy will be kind to you on your b-day and deliver you something good.

  5. Happy Birthday, Shawn. Hope today is the first day of the best things to come for you this year maybe starting with news that Shayne is getting better?

    Thank you for the fantastic pic.


  6. I agree with Ava, there have been some down times, sure, but you've done some great work. And let's not forget the whole Ashtyn thing too. I'd say that cancels out a bit of the icks. :)

    My birthday wish to you is a contract for Pieces, amazingly perfectr cover art for OIHH, and MOST OF ALL, news of a happy and healthy BFF.

    Enjoy your day, love!

  7. Happy birthday - Wishing you a grand day...

    Lovely to see the sexy delicious Ashtyn out to play with you....

    All our love is going Shayne's way - he will be well.

    Enjoy yourself this evening... Tomorrow will be here before you know it..


  8. Happy Birthday:)

    45 will be the best year for you yet:) Your editor will love Pieces, and your "Only" series will be a huge hit!

    Have a great night with your Prince and friends!

    Have fun!! Blow out all the candles and don't forget to make your birthday wish;)

  9. Happy Birthday, Shawn!

    I hope you enjoyed your day. 2009 sucked for many people. I'm hoping this year is way better!!

    Sending lots of prayers and good wishes for Shayne and Jack.

    Have a good week!

  10. Looking at the clock I'm a bit behind the eight ball but...

    Happy Birthday!

    Delicious picture. Just imagine him jumping out of a cake...;)

  11. Happy Birthday!

    I'm with DL, Ashtyn jumping out of the cake would be a divine birthday for sure!

    Best wishes and happiness in the upcoming year.