Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shayne, Drew and a Pretty One

I found myself a lovely brunette model with big pouty lips and one too young for EH. He does look young, I will agree. But with those lips you can see why I posted him.

My beautiful bff, Shayne, is under the weather again. As I am sure Shay would agree, he is sick too often. Jack informs me that my Shayster is grumpy and is now on medicine prescribed by his doctor.

Also, our dear sweet Drew has been missing for a while because of a personal tragedy that he is far too young to have to endure. I hope he comes back to us soon as we miss him.

Please keep Drew and Shayne in your thoughts.


  1. Those are some delicious lips!

    I'm so sorry to hear that Shayne is sick again. Poor guy. I'm sure Jack is taking wonderful care of him.

    My heart goes out to Drew. I can't imagine what he is going through right not.

    I'm keeping both Shayne and Drew in my prayers. It just isn't write that two such wonderful people have to suffer so much.

  2. Yeah this year was supposed to be better. So far I am not convinced. I can only try to keep a positive attitude as Shayne would try to tell me.

    Yes, poor Drew. We love you, Drew, hang in there.

  3. I cannot believe that I wrote "write" instead of "right." Obviously, I needed more sleep last night. Sigh.

  4. Oh, eyre, don't worry about it. I wish blogger allowed us to edit comments, but it doesn't and so I think we all need to cut each other some slack sometimes

  5. Hope your bff, Shayne, feels better real soon and hope his partner does not catch it.

    Prayers to Drew to get through what he needs to and may his path then be filled with joy and happiness.

    Congrats Shawn on your progress. You rock. Looks like it will be one right after the other. So nice. Can't wait to read them all.


  6. Thanks for the heads up on the guys Shawn...

    Drew is too precious to go through any kind of situation - but it will only make him stronger...

    And Shayne, I so wish this bout of illness will just go and never come back - this was suppose to be the year of fun, laughter and light.....

    He is in my thoughts..... it is worring to be always so poorly... Give him my love when next you speak.... and Jack as well..


  7. Thanks ladies.

    I worry about Shayne's health too. They both tell me he's been sickly most of his life. He probably has asthma like me.

    And yes, I miss our Drew and wish I could give him a hug