Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Only In His Dreams Excerpt

I feel like I've been pushing Barnaby's and Calvin's stories that you might think I don't love my men, Travis and Darrell, from Only in His Dreams, the first book in the series. So below the picture is an excerpt. Hopefully it will get you excited for next month's release.

Darrell couldn’t remember the last time he enjoyed an evening like this. They’d watched all the various Die Hard movies, laughing and commenting throughout them. They’d switched to beers and he’d made popcorn. Really he hadn’t wanted the night to end. At least Travis wasn’t going home.

But Darrell had always been a cautious man. Starting anything, even casual sex with Travis, could get complicated. Since the firm was Travis’s if something bad happened between them it would be Darrell who’d be forced to find new employment.

That didn’t stop him from wanting to bend Travis over the sofa and fucking him deep and slow.

Forcing the tempting thoughts from his mind before it gave him an obvious boner, Darrell stood and glanced at the clock. Nearly one in the morning. “The spare room is all set up. The sheets are clean and I left a pair of pajamas in there for you if you’d like to change. They should fit well enough for you to sleep in them anyway.”

Travis stood and stretched, his rumpled white dress shirt straining across his biceps and abs. His mouth dry, Darrell stared openly. He’d found white guys attractive before, though he hadn’t pursued it, but never like this. Every move Travis made riveted him. Every curve of his sensual, slightly plump lips fascinated him.

“Great,” Travis said. “I’m bushed.”

He let Travis go in front of him down the hall toward the bedrooms, unabashedly gawking at the man’s perfect round ass. Really, his resolve to take things slow with Travis began to waiver. Maybe just a goodnight kiss would satisfy him. After all it had been sort of a date.

Travis turned to him as they reached the spare room, a small smile on his lips, and before he could lose his nerve, Darrell pushed him against the wall and ground his mouth over Travis’s squelching the man’s gasp of surprise.

As soon as their chests melded together, as soon as his hands slid up Travis’s arms, as soon as his pelvis fitted against Travis’s, Darrell knew the goodnight kiss had been a mistake. Or the idea that it would satiate him had been anyway. His dick was so hard he thought it might tear through both his briefs and his slacks.

Travis moaned low and opened his mouth to allow the intrusion of Darrell’s tongue. For just a minute, second really, Darrell intended to pull away and return to his original plan, but then Travis’s hand crept between their bodies and cupped his erection.


And that’s just what he intended to do. He tore his mouth away with effort and asked the burning question in his feverish mind. “Do you top, bottom or both?”


  1. Dear Lord, please tell me he's a top and a bottom!!! That was spectacular!

  2. LOL, you'll find out next month when you read it!