Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My New Friend, Ashtyn

Well, as it turns out, the internet is a very small world indeed. Yesterday I received an email from none other than Ashtyn Long. That’s right, our Ashtyn on the blog.

It seems that Ashtyn has found my little blog world and has read many of our posts. I was, therefore, somewhat red-faced, but Ashtyn is as sweet as he is gorgeous and has assured me that he is flattered and thrilled to be the inspiration for some of my heroes.

Ashtyn and I have exchanged a couple emails and he is now my Facebook buddy as well. The very sweet man has graciously agreed to be interviewed for the blog as well. How cool is that? At the moment, he is out of the states on a photo shoot and does not get phone reception but when he returns we expect to talk further.

So, now is your chance to send me questions for Ashtyn. He has assured me is very open about himself and will answer anything. If you are too shy to post your questions for him here, please feel free to email me the questions to authorshawnlane@gmail.com. I will be asking Ashtyn when we speak.

Anyway, I thought that was very cool and as I said he is just as sweet as can be and flattered that we all think so well of him. I’ll be sending him one of my books to as he would like to read one. Any suggestions for Ashtyn?


  1. I am going to brainstorm some questions but ... Please ask for a teapot pic for me..


    In coloured

    and enlarged if possible....


    What a sweet way recover for a few lousy day Shawn - Well done...


  2. LOL, EH, I knew you'd mention his teapot.

  3. Okay...I'm gonna have to recommend either Perfect Man or The Other Side to send over to Ashtyn. They are two of my all-time faves.

    hugs & kisses

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, Anna. Perfect Man is definitely one of my favorites as well. I worry about it being perhaps too angsty but it's a good suggestion.

  5. Ashtyn is Brillant, Cool and Gorgeous. I love a man who is the total package. Sigh.

    When is the deadline for the questions, AF?

    Since you ARE the queen of angst you should send him maybe two books. One that's our angsty Shawn and the other one that's not. Perfect Man is fabulous, but so is Ticket to Ride, Car Wash and everything else you write.

    MUAH! *Does the pony dance*

  6. This whole thing is just a great story, in fact, I got a story idea from it, lol, to add to the long list.

    I'm catching the spillover, he posted on my FB wall today too. Le sigh.

    I'd like to know how he first got into modelling and whether he was EVER shy in front of the camera (obviously isn't now...his webcam series are awesome).

    Also ask about his puppy.

  7. okay, Dev, will do.

    And no deadline really, BFF. I do know he won't be back until March so we won't talk live until then.

  8. @Shawn

    so we won't talk live until then.

    Live chat is it now - Well now I am demanding a teapot pic - you are in on the groud floor my girl....

    **rubbing hand in glee****

  9. LOL, I meant live as in the telephone, EH, it's not like I can whip out my camera and shoot. Hmmm...

    Poor boy, if only he knew what a bunch of pervs we were, he'd run screaming. lmao

  10. Some girls have all the luck!

  11. Congrats, Shawn:) Ashtyn sounds as gracious as he is beautiful. I can't wait to see the interview! I know I'm thinking of several questions as we speak!

  12. Great! I know he is looking forward to some great questions from us

  13. Shawn,

    Please include: What was he searching for when he stumbled across your blog? Was it the result of someone mentioning something to him?


  14. Kick ass! I can't think of any questions at the moment, but I'm definitely staying tuned...

  15. That is so awesome!!! I'm still geeking over it. LOL

    Now I'm going to have to think of a good question you can ask him.

    My vote for a book to send him would be At Long Last or Car Wash. I love Scotty and Kevin. ;) I like Shayne's suggestion - send him 2. One angsty, one a bit lighter.

    ...and don't worry about us scaring him off. We're fun pervies who like to hang out in the shallow of the pond. LMAO

  16. Thanks everyone. I am looking forward to the questions. Sharon sent me some good ones but more is definitely better.