Saturday, February 13, 2010

Excerpt - Only For Him by Shawn Lane

Coming April 18, 2010 from Amber Allure

“You’re cute when you’re flustered.” Barnaby said, taking a step forward until they were an inch or two apart.

He could feel warmth radiating from the other man.

“Am not.”

Barnaby’s lips moved even closer, his breath caressing Nathan’s mouth. His cock filled and rose to press against his briefs. He puckered to touch Barnaby’s pouty lips with his when Barnaby moved away with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes and dashed out of the kitchen.

Nathan shook his head and followed. Barnaby was already slipping through the door of his bedroom. He hoped to God he had condoms and lube. If he didn’t…well, they’d be taking a brief break to go to the all-night drug store down the street.

Even as he approached his room, doubts crept in. He still wanted to fuck Barnaby like crazy, but he wasn’t really a one-night stand kind of guy and he knew any kind of relationship with Barnaby would go exactly nowhere. The younger man was too young, too impetuous, too damn gorgeous and just…too much.

“I’m going to start without you,” Barnaby called.

Swallowing a moan, he entered his room. True to his word, Barnaby had already pulled off the bedspread of Nathan’s bed to reveal the pristine white sheets and taken off his pullover sweater. His jaw dropped, his gaze fixated on Barnaby’s sculpted, perfect abs.

“You work out?”

Barnaby smiled. “Sure. Dude, with a brother for a doctor? His gift for my birthday last year was a gym membership.”

Nathan just nodded. He watched as Barnaby’s fingers worked the button fly of his jeans. He thought maybe Barnaby should have been a stripper because those long fingers slipping across those buttons was sexy as fucking hell.

The jeans inched down Barnaby’s hips in such slow motion he began to wonder if he had started drooling yet. Nathan blindly unfastened his own pants. In the back of his brain he still tried to tell his cock this was a bad idea. Barnaby was an employee of the firm and totally wrong for him and—

Barnaby’s jeans shimmied down to his knees. He’d gone commando.

“Fuck,” Nathan whispered as the other man’s cock pointed up.

The younger man winked and then turned his back on Nathan as he removed his shoes and the last of his clothing, giving him a great view of Barnaby’s tight, round ass.

Nathan tripped trying to toe his own shoes off.


  1. Yummy! You're a tease, but I like you anyway. ;)


  2. I have to keep you all interested somehow, lol

  3. Great choice for an excerpt! Of course, I've already read it so I know what happens next in the scene :D

  4. LOL, We probably all know what happens next.

  5. Umm, they bake cookies?

  6. Why yes, Eyre, they are going to bake cookies with nuts. LMAO

  7. Terrific excerpt, Shawn. I agree with Eyre, you really are a tease! For some reason I could picture Ashtyn perfectly as Barnaby. Now that is YUMMY!

  8. Thanks, Drew. I am glad you see Ashtyn as Barnaby because as you know that's who I see, :-D