Friday, February 26, 2010

And as February Draws to a Welcome Close

Well Friday has arrived again. And not a moment too soon for my sanity. Also the end of February, too. I've decided it's one of my least favorite months.

Don't forget to send me questions for Ashtyn Long. Don't be shy. He's not.

Hopefully you've had a chance to notice my cover there for Still the One on the side. I like it, it's pretty, but I have to confess the guy with the long hair really does not look like Malcolm in the story as he is more muscular than our Malcolm is. Oh, well. It's a nice cover anyway and I like the way New York was worked in since that is a big part of the story. All in all, I think it's a good cover.

Tomorrow is excerpt day and I think I am going to focus on Trust. I know quite a few of you have read Trust, but there are probably some still on the fence because Brad starts out the story cheating on Justin. Believe me I am aware how easy it is not to sympathize with a cheater. To me it is a difficult if not impossible thing to forgive, thus why I really wanted to write a story where the reader couldn't help but not only forgive the cheater (Brad) but even like him better and root for his happiness. I think, at least from what I've heard from most readers, I accomplished that with Trust.

Anyway, that's my plan at this point, subject to changes of course. Sunday I'll have another lovely eye candy picture and I'll bet you can guess who it will be.


  1. I hate February, too. So dreary and cold and snowy. Craptastic weather.

    Well, you know I love Trust. Re-read it recently, and adored it just as much as the first time I read it. Cheaters are very hard to do in a romance, but you did a fabulous job on that book. :)

  2. February is one of the most miserable months of the year. It can't end too quickly.

    I have Trust, but I haven't read it yet. *hangs head in shame* I don't care for books about cheaters, but I think I'll be able to forgive Brad because he was just a college kid when the incident occurs, and I can keep his age/immaturity in mind. I know I'll love it when I read it because I've loved all the guys in the books that I've read by you.

  3. Eyre you have to read Trust! Don't put it off any longer.

    I'm ready for Feb to be over too. Actually I'm ready for winter to be over. :)

  4. Andi, it's definitely moving up the list!

  5. Thanks for encouraging Eyre, Shell.

    Actually, Eyre, you are one of the people I had in mind when I mentioned Trust. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised when you do get around to reading it.