Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Progress Update and Only For Him Teaser

Barnaby's making progress and getting it on with Nathan right now. I hit the 10,000 word mark. I really have no clue what the word length will end up at for Only For Him. I'm thinking novella which starts at 18,000 but it might end up under that and make it to Extended Amber Kiss which is what Only In His Dreams was. This one will be just a smidge angsty but hopefully in the end you will all feel that Barnaby and Nathan deserve their Happily Ever After.

I still intend to keep my self-imposed deadline of having it done January 23/24. Wish me luck!

Before I get to Calvin and Matt's story, which will be the third "Only" book, I will then be working on the sequel to The Best Gift with Dusty and Malcolm five years later. That one will be called Still the One and should be part of a best friends/lovers Amber Quill sort of anthology (called Pax) in early summer.

Here is a teaser for you. The opening pages of Only For Him.

Barnaby Lassiter thought perhaps if he squinted his left eye and tilted his head a bit to the right the guy leering at him from the other end of the bar could pass for him. The man at the other end had dark hair and glasses like him. Maybe if he had another drink or two or three he could pretend.

The man, apparently feeling encouraged by Barnaby looking at him, got up and made his way toward him. Barnaby shook his head and took a sip of his chocolate martini. Nope, not even close to looking like Nathan.

“Hey, gorgeous,” the man said as he reached Barnaby. His hand smoothed over Barnaby’s jean covered knee. “Can I buy you another one?”

Barnaby smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, I’m meeting someone here.” Which was not a lie, actually. And he was glad of that.

The guy’s smile turned brittle. “Sure, whatever.” He moved away, but not before digging his fingers painfully in Barnaby’s leg.


He sighed and glanced at his digital watch. Calvin was already thirty minutes late. Stood up by his older brother had to be the height of patheticness. Um…that probably wasn’t even a damn word.

The bell above the door jangled and Barnaby once more turned to look hopefully.

At last.

Calvin Lassiter, his older brother by seven years, was an emergency room doctor. Barnaby had dyed his hair bleached blond whereas Calvin’s was still milk chocolate brown. His brother, dressed in dress slacks, shirt and a tie, was the picture of conservative. No hair out of place, no earrings, no nose stud.

All more than he could say for himself of course. He had gone home from his work as an admin assistant at the Law Offices of Anderson, Llewellyn, and Stevens, and changed into jeans and a blue tank top, and a leather jacket. He had three diamond studs in his left ear and another one in his left nostril. He’d also applied eyeliner, mauve blush, and mauve lip gloss.

Calvin noticed him at the bar and walked over. He was already frowning. Not a good sign. His brother slid onto the stool next to him.

“Hey, I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.”

“I’m busy, Barnaby. I had a meeting at the hospital this afternoon and it ran late.” Calvin ordered a red wine from the bartender and then turned to Barnaby. “Did we have to meet at a gay bar?”

“You’re gay, too.”

“I don’t hang out at bars,” Calvin said, with that note of superiority he usually had when speaking to Barnaby. “And neither should you.”

“I feel comfortable here.”

Calvin glanced around the bar. “I don’t see why. All that these guys want is to get laid. None of them are looking for anything serious. And you have no idea if they have diseases or are serial killers.”

Barnaby felt the muscle in his jaw tick but he said nothing and took another sip of his drink.

“If you’re looking for someone, why don’t you try one of those online dating services?”

“Oh, yeah, right.”

“They have some for gay men, you know.” Calvin looked at him critically. “I can see how some of them might find you attractive.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Calvin sighed. “I just don’t like you in places like this. You aren’t careful, Barnaby.”

He drummed his fingers on the bar. “Look, I didn’t ask you to meet me to get a lecture on how I am going to be murdered by a serial killer.”


  1. Thanks for the teaser! Good luck with the deadline. You can do it!

    I can't wait for Summer and more Dusty!

  2. Confirms why I try not to read teasers, makes me want to read more. Sounds really good. Between the "Only" series, "Still the One" and "The Same Side", my "to get" list grows longer. Something to look forward to, is the positive but not sure how I will get through the days, lol.


  3. LOL. Lucky for you those are the stories I am concentrating on the first half of 2010 so hopefully I will have release dates for you soon.

  4. Considering I may have a "boring" name, have to be lucky in something, lol. To be honest, just knowing you are working on those is good enough for me. No pressure, but don't you need to get back to typing? See, not asking you to stop to go for lunch, lol Still like me?


  5. Pitifully behind as I said, but just wanted to say YUM for the teaser! :)