Friday, January 8, 2010

Only In His Dreams Cover

I think it really captures the story and I'm quite happy with the job Trace did. Worth the wait. Ava will be so jealous I got my cover before her even though her book comes out before mine. I'll update the side bar and my website with the cover when I get home tonight.


  1. Of course I'm jealous!! Lol.

    Awesome cover, Shawn!

  2. Shawn,

    It is an awesome cover. So how much do you pay Trace to complete yours first? Not that I know Ava or would tell her even if I did, lol. Just between us, lol. Ok, back to my quiet corner before I get into trouble. :)


  3. Unfortunately neither I nor Trace have anything to do with Ava's covers, lol. Ava's book comes out from Samhain. But it seems that no matter who Ava's book comes out with she is always the last one to get her cover. It's some sort of cover curse, lmao.

  4. Lovely cover! I can just see him slowly removing those glasses right before . . . yum!

  5. well done on the cover Shawn.. I can only imagine how much of a nailbiting experience it is to see if it will suit you...

    I love it....


  6. Oh! Very sexy men indeed! No wonder Ava is jealous!