Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some Shawn Updates

In other news, besides pimping my contest and my cat love story, I am still working on Only in His Dreams. I admit, this one is taking me a tad bit longer to write than I had hoped. First I wanted it done by the end of November. When that didn't happen I wanted to have it done in early December. Can I get a big grrrr to that? Now my self-imposed deadline to get to Amber Quill is December 15.

Since I've already missed two other self-imposed deadlines I certainly hope I don't do it again. I am going to be home this weekend so barring any major disaster I think I can do it. I only have two maybe three chapters to go. I just hope it isn't boring. It's pretty much a relationship story with no outside forces interfering. No intrigue or suspense or anything.

I'm also still working on Kevin's Perfect Christmas. The first part is ready and waiting to appear on Monday. The second part is half done. I'm not sure when the date for posting that will be.

Once those stories are out of the way, I'll be returning to Waking the Prince, my m/m fairytale inspired by Sleeping Beauty. And once that is safely done, I have to work on Never the One.

For those that don't know what Never the One is, it's another best friends become lovers story. Two cop partners trying to stop a serial killer who is targeting the elderly in their Northern California city called Wind's Canyon (totally fictional). This one has an Amber Quill set deadline of March 01, so you can see why I'll be bumping it up.

I know certain people have mentioned Jude's (from Sweet Reunion) story. I have started it and I apologize for the delay, it's in the queue in the not too distant future. I'll at some point be working on the story of Barnaby and Nathan (a couple who appear as secondary characters in Only in His Dreams, too). Barnaby is a fun, flamboyant guy who falls for a shy Clark Kent type.

If only I could quit the EDJ and work on these stories full time.

Thanks to all who stop by regularly, the ones who comment, and the shy lurkers, too.


  1. Nothing shy here, lol. :)

    Third time's the charm, babe! And when they're self-imposed they aren't deadlines, they're goals (which can always be adjusted as s**t happens, that's the beauty of them). ;)

    Pure relationship stories are just as great as intrigue, just different... sometimes I like them even more.

    And you said my lineup of wips was long. Can't wait to read all the results!

  2. Yeah you should see the real list. I'll post is someday just so you can all go, "there is no way you can get all those done", lol

  3. I really admire the fact that you have so much going on with your writing and just always have them rolling around in your hear...

    While I love all the shorts that you have been giving us - I know that must have help in pushing back your schedule...

    Thank for taking the time for us....

    We can wait until you catch up...


  4. I totally agree with everything E.H. said! Thanks so much for the shorts. I know they took precious time away from your deadlines.

  5. I can't wait to read more about Kevin. Thanks for the free stories, Shawn! I'm one of Jude's fans, too. I don't want to put too much pressure on you, but he really is a terrific character!
    Good luck writing this weekend!