Friday, December 25, 2009

My House Guest

Right now I have an extra animal. See that cutie there? That is my brother's Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Teddy. My brother decided to visit his wife's family in Kansas for three weeks and somehow I got talked into watching him. He's staying with me.
I have two cats. One of my cats, the male, is kicking the dog's ass, lol. We were worried about Teddy attacking the cats and as it happens he is afraid of them. When one of them gets near the dog, he yelps like he's being murdered.
So far, just about five days into his three weeks here, he is very cute and sweet and everyone around us just loves him (except the cats). Makes life interesting.


  1. Sounds like a considerate guest (and I'm convinced that my cat likes to have things to complain about, so there may be a level of satisfaction on their part that are hiding from you). *g*

  2. Your house guest is totally adorable. He looks like a lovable teddy bear.


  3. He's a cutie, and I'm sure he'll get used to the kitties eventually. I have to admit that it made me smile when you said the cat kicks his ass. I've got a cat like that. She has declared war on all living things other than me and my other cat. Of course, she probably leaves us alone because she knows that we accept that she's queen of the universe.