Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving At Long Last , Part 1 of 2

Growing up, Thanksgiving had been Scott Trask's least favorite holiday. It was a day his father and brother, Jack, spent watching football while Scotty helped his mother get Thanksgiving dinner on the table.

He’d been jealous of Jack and his dad. Not that he wanted to watch football. He hated it. But he didn’t want to be stuck making a meal he didn’t like either. He had never gotten the appeal of turkey. He ate the side dishes and the deserts. Then when it came time to clean up, his older brother and dad had gone back to football.

“Oh, let them watch,” his mother would say and she would hand Scotty plates to take into the kitchen.

This year, at long last, Scotty looked forward to the holiday. For one thing it would be at the house he shared with Preston Reynolds and on their terms. And for another thing, the love of his life, Pres, had agreed, that while they would make the traditional turkey for all the guests they were having over, to make a pork loin for Scotty. That had made him look forward to the holiday for the first time in…well ever.

In the spirit of the holiday, Scotty dressed in jeans and pulled on a brown and orange striped sweater. He only hoped the day would be reasonably cool because he would hate to have to turn on the air on Thanksgiving just so he could wear festive colors.

Scotty ran a comb through his wet hair and studied himself in the mirror. This was going to be a big day for him and Pres. He wanted to be sure he looked good.

“Babe, Jack and Wendy are here,” Preston called to him from the other room.

Thank God. He’d asked his brother and his newly pregnant wife to be the first to arrive. He needed the reinforcements.

Scotty walked out of the bedroom and to the living room where Preston stood next to his tall blond brother and his pretty African American wife.

“Happy Thanksgiving,” he called to them both and then enveloped his sister-in-law into a big hug. “How are you feeling?”

“So far, so good,” Wendy replied. “I’ve been waiting for the morning sickness but so far nothing.”

“Maybe you’ll escape it. One can wish, huh?”

The doorbell rang and Scotty immediately tensed. He’d really be glad when this day was over. He felt bad for feeling the way he did though, so he forced a smile.

Preston opened the door to reveal Scotty’s parents. His mother handed a casserole dish to Preston and then bustled in straight to him, kissing him soundly.

“Hi sweetie. I brought your favorite yams.”

He smiled. “Things are looking up. Hey, mom.” He glanced at his father. “Hello, Mom’s husband.”

Jack choked on the sip of coke he had just taken and Preston actually laughed. His father turned a dull shade of red.

“Now, Scotty, really,” his mother admonished. “Behave. It’s Thanksgiving.”

“Happy Thanksgiving, Dad,” he said cheerfully. “What can I get you to drink?”

“I’ll have a coke, son.” His father glanced at the television, which was currently off. “Can we put on the game?”

“Sure, go ahead. I’ll get your coke. Mom?”

“I’d love a cup of tea.”

Scotty decided he could do this. Really. Now he just had to wait for the final guests to arrive. He only hoped things would go all right when they did.


  1. Fabulous! Now hurry up and post the 2nd part. You left me hanging!!

  2. Wonderful, Shawn! It's great to revisit Scotty and Preston. Looking forward to the next part :)

  3. Utterly Fabulous so far!
    I think he who cooks, should not have to clean! So unfair when you have to do both!

  4. He smiled. “Things are looking up. Hey, mom.” He glanced at his father. “Hello, Mom’s husband.”

    You slay me you really do...

    Off to read the next part..