Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nothing Special

So, the free stories are winding down for the month. Clark and Thomas get their conclusion tomorrow. Next week is supposed to be At Long Last Thanksgiving. If I have to write one more turkey dinner I will seriously consider skipping the meal myself next week (lol, not likely).

It seems, however, that the interest in the free stories has seriously waned. It started off well, but I guess it was too much of a good thing. Kevin from Car Wash has confessed he is worried no one will stop by for Kevin’s Perfect Christmas next month.

Life gets in the way, of course, and people forget to stop by and read. Got it. I’ll try to get At Long Last Thanksgiving up next week since I promised but it might be slightly shorter than the previous offerings. Possibly only two parts. We’ll see. I haven’t actually finished it.

I had decided to do the free stories so you all wouldn’t forget me given that I was going two months without a release (probably my longest stretch). But the truth is after my two releases in December, Ticket to Ride and The Best Gift, I have no releases scheduled for 2010 at all. Yep, scary huh? It definitely is for me.

I’m trying to rectify it by working on Only in His Dreams (the reason At Long Last Thanksgiving hasn’t been finished). It’s going pretty well although I've hit a snag that I'm not sure doesn't steal some of my enthusiasm for the story.

Anyway, once Only in His Dreams is done and off to the publisher, I’ll be sure to give you details on a release for it in 2010. And then, I will officially get organized. I will make myself a list of books and when to work on them and I will not stray from the course…much.


  1. I've been loving your free stories! I hate to see it come to an end. Tell Kevin he has nothing to worry about. :)

  2. Thanks for the freebies, Shawn! I've really liked them. I can't wait for Kev's story!

  3. Tell Kevin we stil love him and we are so not bored ....

    I for one am eagerly awaiting his story - I notice you left the best for last..


  4. I <3 your free stories, and I adore Kevin!

  5. Thanks EH and Eyre. Kevin is feeling the love, lol. The good news is I have already started his story and he's just as much fun to write as he ever was.

  6. Taking exception to the title of your posts..anything from you is always special, Shawn!

    And I LOVE Kevin and wouldn't miss his invite for the world! Will Charlie and Noah be stopping by as well? ;) You know I'm a bit partial to the boys...

  7. Yep, Charlie and Noah are spending Christmas Eve with Kevin and Michael.