Monday, November 2, 2009

Damian's Feast, Part One

Jake Fields stood at the living room windows in the Birmingham, Alabama, home he shared with his lover, Damian Grant. It was Thanksgiving morning, just barely seven, and pouring rain. He hugged himself against the slight chill in the house. Not the best day for traveling families.

He still wore his flannel pajama bottoms and a thin navy t-shirt. His dark hair stood on end. Bed hair. From where he stood he could hear Damian fussing around in the kitchen. His lover had insisted on getting up early to start the feast.

Jake yawned and took a large sip of his cream-filled, sweetened coffee. Truth be told, he wasn’t big on holidays. Well, not since his mother had passed years ago. When his old bastard of a father had still been alive, holidays were tense and filled with silence mostly. He spent each lonely Thanksgiving watching football, wishing he still played.

Now that he and Damian were partners, holidays had the potential to change drastically. Already, Halloween had passed and they’d spent a cheerful evening giving out bucket loads of candy.

He would have preferred Thanksgiving had been just the two of them, too. But Damian insisted the family of his late lover, Chris, always spent Thanksgiving with him and this year wouldn’t be any different. Jake would get used to big gatherings, Damian assured him.

The few times he’d met Chris’s family since reuniting with Damian he liked them. They were good people, kind to him, and obviously very fond of Damian. But Jake figured they couldn’t help but wish it was Chris there on Thanksgiving with Damian instead of him.

He heard Damian’s footsteps just before two big, strong arms wrapped around his waist drawing him back against his lover.

“Hmm.” Damian nuzzled his ear. “You all right, sweetheart?”

“Uh-huh. Just watching the weather. It’s raining pretty hard, are you sure everyone will be okay driving?”

Damian’s dark hand covered his and he threaded his fingers through Jake’s. “It’s not that far. They only live across town. Besides it might let up a little later when they’re due.”

He nodded, deciding not to push the issue. He was fairly sure he was grasping at an excuse to tell Chris’s family not to come and that wouldn’t be fair to Damian. Forcing the nervousness out of his voice, he asked, “So, what all are we having?”

“Turkey, of course, with pecan-cornbread stuffing, sweet potato casserole, stewed collards with ham, high-rise biscuits, and sweet potato pie.”

“Okay, that sounds good.” Jake smiled. He was going to get fat with Damian cooking for him all the time.

Damian found the pulse of his throat. “I’ve got things going in the kitchen and the family doesn’t arrive for a while, how about we go back to bed for a bit?”

His cock sprung to life at the mere suggestion. Well, he had been half-hard since Damian’s arms came around him. “I think that sounds like my kind of Thanksgiving.”

Damian tugged his arm and they headed down the long hallway to their bedroom. Jake could hear the rain pouring down outside, but here inside their home it was warm and cozy and filled with heavenly Thanksgiving scents. Maybe the holiday wouldn’t be so bad after all.


  1. Sounds like my kind of Thanksgiving, too ;)

  2. YAY!!!! Jake and Damien have always been favorites of mine. Looks like they are going to have a very special Thanksgiving.
    I can't wait to read the rest of it!

  3. Mmmm, I can already tell that the smells of Thanksgiving will have an whole new meaning this year...

  4. I bet Damian will help Jake with his insecure feelings of being unwanted or second best. Damian is a very noble man and would be a good friend to have.
    Love it so far! I can't wait until the next installment!

  5. I love this couple, too. I'm glad we are revisiting them. It's good to see Jake away from that abusive relationship and in the arms of Damian where he is safe and loved.

  6. You got me hooked!
    Thanks for the freebie!


  7. Okay. I'm going to have to read this book now!
    Thanks, Shawn


  8. I've always loved Jake. It's good to see him going on with his life.
    Thanks for the free story!

  9. I should be studying and painting instead of reading! Now I have to read Jake's regret!

  10. Glad you had a good time while away, Shawn.

    Well, I haven't read Jake and Damien's tale, yet.

    I'm enjoying this holiday short!!