Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Squire, an excerpt

As most of you know, my first story published was The Squire, a winner of Amber Quill's 2008 (and last) Amber Heat Contest. If you haven't read it, here is an excerpt. Or if you just want to remember it fondly. I make no pretenses otherwise, I write "historical light".

Duncan squatted next to the fire the servant had thoughtfully started in Sir William’s room. He was alone, but expected the knight any time. Sir William had ordered Duncan to the room while he assessed the welfare of his father.

Yawning, he glanced around the room. It wasn’t quite as large as the baron’s chamber, but it was the next largest in the castle. Besides the fireplace, Sir William had a bed big enough for a giant to sleep in. Well, mayhap that was a slight exaggeration, but it was surely the biggest bed Duncan had ever seen. There was a small table and chairs in one corner of the room, as well as a chest of drawers with a basin on it, and a wardrobe where Sir William’s clothes were kept.

He sat down on the fur spread in front of the fire and stretched out his long legs. His cock had perked up thinking about Sir William so he adjusted his braies. He wished he had time to take care of it, but with Sir William bound to appear at any moment there wasn’t time.

Sighing heavily, he rolled his weary shoulders. He had a knot in the left shoulder blade, too. The door opened. He turned his head to view Sir William walking in. For a moment, Duncan just stared, unable to stop the awe that swept over him each and every time he saw the knight. His blond hair was tousled as though Sir William had been running his fingers through it. Duncan licked his lips, wishing he could run his own fingers through the soft locks.

Hands braced beneath him, he stood. “How is your father, sir?”

Sir William’s blue eyes looked sad, though he attempted a slight smile. “He’s still alive, though failing rapidly. I wonder if he will last another fortnight.”

Duncan grabbed one of the chairs by the table and carried it to the fire. “Come sit here, sir. I’ll rub your shoulders for you.”

“They are a bit stiff.” Sir William plopped down. The chair groaned under the sudden weight.

Duncan stared at his knight’s broad shoulders. “Why don’t you remove your tunic and jerkin, sir?”

Sir William nodded, peeled off the garments, then leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes. There was nothing Duncan liked better than touching Sir William’s bare skin. It was sheer torture, of course, but a torture he couldn’t resist inflicting on himself. His palms rested on the bare shoulder and he bit his lip to keep from sighing out loud. The flesh was warm and it sent an instant tingle to his already aroused cock.

Sir William rolled his neck and moaned a little. His fingers trembling, Duncan rubbed the muscles in the knight’s upper arms. “A little harder, Duncan.”

Oh, God. His balls tightened painfully. He increased the pressure of his fingers and drifted back up to the shoulders. He closed his own eyes and inhaled the spicy masculine scent of Sir William. As though they had a will of their own, his hands inched down to massage the knight’s muscular chest. Shaking, he paused, waiting to see if Sir William would protest the bold touch. When the man kept his eyes closed, Duncan grew bolder still and used his index finger to gently stroke a nipple.

He gritted his teeth against the impossible hardness of his cock. If he didn’t stop, he was going to come. Yet, he couldn’t force his fingers to leave the object of his fascination.

Sir William let out a low growl and jumped up, whipping around to face Duncan. Duncan shrank back, afraid the knight would strike him for the liberties. Instead, Sir William wrapped those muscular arms around him and covered Duncan’s lips with his own.

Stunned, he didn’t react at first, standing stiffly under the assault. His mind couldn’t adjust to the fact his dream lover kissed him. Before he could respond, Sir William ended the kiss and pulled him to the fur in front of the fire.

“Sir William—”


  1. It's funny because I wrote it in late 2007 so it's been almost two years since I wrote it and I can barely recognize my own words. I know I wrote it but I only vaguely remember. Hopefully not a sign of old age! lmao

  2. Duncan's one of my favorite characters of yours, Shawn. Which you already know. He's so sweet and cute and adorable, and I loved that he wasn't too fab as a squire. LOL