Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Decision

So, I have made a decision on the free November stories. I know I said I was going to wait for the whole month for voting but since it seems to have pretty much died anyway, I'm going to announce my decision.

November is made up of four weeks and since I gave you the choice of four couples I have decided to feature all of them in their own free short story.

Week 1) Damian's Feast featuring Jake and Damian
Week 2) A Sweet Thanksgiving featuring Jason and Danny
Week 3) Most Likely to Have a Successful Holiday featuring Clark and Thomas
Week 4) Thanksgiving At Long Last featuring Scott and Preston

So I hope you will come back each week to read the stories. Most likely they will be posted over a few days rather than all on one day.

Now, for the first week, I am going to be out of town October 31, 2009-November 02, 2009 (Go San Diego Chargers--I am going to their game) and I will try to get the first part of Damian's Feast posted on the evening of November 02, but it might end up being November 03.


  1. All four? Awesome!!! :D And I love the titles, too! You are the queen of cool titles, after all ;)

  2. Thanks, I wanted to tie them all in to each one's previous story. "Regret" didn't seem to work for a holiday story so because the first book had Jake's name in it I figured the Thanksgiving story should have Damian's.

  3. Oh my God! That's freaking awesome Shawn, you ROCK!! I cannot wait, and damn you for putting us through the angst of having to try to choose in the first place!

    BTW...found you hiding over at Reviews By Jessewave, fabulous in0depth interview and loved your secret fantasy. ;) Here's the url to copy and paste since I have no idea how to add a live link in the comment screen:

  4. Four for the price of one - How can we say no to that...

    That Shawn for going the extra mile for us...

    I will be here with bells on...

    Enjoy your Game..... hope your team win...


  5. That's super sweet of you. How do you find the time?

    I'm definitely looking forward to revisiting Preston and Scotty :)

  6. Well I am not sure I have the time, Barbara, but you know I sometimes get ahead of myself and volunteer to do something before I think...what the hell? LOL. Anyway, I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze out the four stories somehow.