Monday, September 14, 2009

You Decide

I'm making progress on the current work in progress, Twice in a Lifetime (I finished the first chapter). And already am looking to what comes next. Inspired by recent posts about future plans from my two good writer friends, Ava and Devon, I decided to pose the question here to whoever cares to vote on what should come next after I have completed Twice in a Lifetime. I'll leave this post up for the remainder of the week. On Friday, I will choose a random commenter to win a copy of whatever ebook of mine they would care to win.

Now please keep in mind these are very rough descriptions and they are subject to change:

Pieces: Three years ago, Patrick's lover commited suicide. He's had trouble coming to terms with it, but he's ready to take a chance on love again with the man he's always loved, his dead lover's cousin.

The Same Side (Other Side 2): Dr. Ray Carmichael and his lover, Nick Sorenson, have been involved in a relationship for months. Nick's working in a new department of the LAPD and working a dangerous undercover assignment. Ray's not thrilled, but keeps his mouth shut until Nick is seriously hurt. As Ray's dad has a heart attack and the family begins to fall apart, he pressures Nick to quit the force, which only pushes the man away. Maybe for good.

Undeniable: Lord Christian was a war hero, but he's emotionally broken and prefers isolation. His family sends him to the family country seat to recover where the butler, Hollington, is charged with his care. Hollington has always been in love with the sexy, smoldering and achingly vulnerable Christian, but love for another man is not done. Until one pain filled night, Hollington can no longer hide his need for Christian.

Never the One: Tyler Vanderholt and Eric Boone have been best friends and partners for years. They're both gay, but have never been more than friends. When a seriel killer strikes Wind's Canyon's elderly population, the two must find the killer and fast. As the murderer strikes again and again, the pressures wreak havoc on their personal life and they're turning to each other. (I need to have this done by March)

Waking the Prince: When an evil sorcerer threatens the life of the tiny baby prince he knows will kill him someday, the baby is hidden from all who would see him destroyed. Prince Roland is raised in poverty, kept away from all knowledge of his true identity. Until he is old enough and a warrior, Octavius, is sent to train him for his destiny. Roland falls in love with Octavius, but before he can learn the truth of who he is the sorcerer's minions discover him and he is put into a deep sleep. Who can wake the prince before it is too late?


  1. What great choices! And so tough to decide...

    If I was just looking at these and only had enough money to buy one e-book from the blurb, I would probably choose Undeniable.

    That said, both The Same Side and Never The One are a close second, and Never The One wins the tiebreak since it has a deadline.

    1) Undeniable (been wanting another historical from you, might be a fun change for you to write)
    2) Never The One (friends to more is a fun theme)
    3) The Same Side

    :) Can't wait for 2010, it sounds like another great year from you!

  2. Well, you know I've been bugging you about Undeniable for like forever, but now I've latched onto Waking the Prince. Likely you can guess why - the whole hot, sweaty men brandishing swords, and axes, thing. LOL. So my vote is for Roland and Octavius. :D

  3. Oh, how to decide?? I am thinking Never the One or Pieces. Both sound really good...well, they all sound good, but listing them all does not really help much, huh? :)

  4. Thanks, Devon, Ava and Amy for your thoughts so far. :)

    At the moment, Never the One appears to be a head by a hair. But we'll see if I have any other suggestions this week.

  5. Oh man! Great choices. I'd choose either, Undeniable or Waking the Prince. I can't decide between the two which sounds better.

  6. Ah you contemporary fans vs historical fans are killing me! lol

  7. Undeniable would be my first choice for sure! :D

  8. Now it's safe to stop in here...

    I love the blurb on them all... I need to read your historicals, I have read everything else...

    I have three of Ava's book on my reading list next week.....


  9. I like them all... what a tough decision, Shawn!
    Although I like both contemporary and historical, this time I choose Undeniable. Pieces would be my 2nd choice.

    But I'm sure all of them will be great :D

  10. Thanks, Rachel. I think I'll definitely be working on Undeniable soon. I've been procrastinating long enough. It's the only one listed that I haven't at least started but it's also the only one I have totally plotted out.