Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Updates

I'm at the stage now where I am reviewing the galleys for Beyond the Norm so that is pretty exciting. Book comes out in less than two weeks now as it comes out on September 03. I will be doing a giveaway of a copy of course. I'll probably post about the giveaway next week.

I know I mentioned my submission of my Christmas story, The Best Gift, but the deadline for the Christmas stories has been extended so I will be waiting a few more weeks for the decision than I originally thought. So, some time in September I should know.

And speaking of Christmas stories, I'll be posting more about this as the holidays approach but look for some free Christmas stories on here featuring Kevin and Michael from Car Wash and Noah and Charlie from Pulling Away. These will be sexy stories, I promise.

Just recently, one of my publishers showed us some covers up for grabs for possible inspiration of a story for them. Though many of them were very tempting, I am trying to resist. I really have too many stories I must write now. Really. So I am remaining strong.


  1. Ah - the lure of pretty covers. So very hard to resist. But stay strong!! :D

  2. Fun stage to be in for your Sept release from DS!

    I just learned of the extended deadline for the Christmas stories today too, breath of relief since I'm still working on mine.

    Seems like you always have plenty of inspiration to draw upon even without covers to covet!