Monday, July 27, 2009

Ordinary Updates

First, I want to thank all those who so far have entered to receive the print anthology. I really appreciate it. Contest ends Friday and then Randomizer will choose a winner Saturday. I've caught all your entries even if I don't say so.

Second, I finished my short story for Christmas, The Best Gift. I am going to be sending to Dreamspinner Press in the very near future. It's quite short, under 10,000 words. I need to do some last minute polishing and a dreaded synopsis and then I can get it sent off. If Dreamspinner does not want it, I will probably offer it as a free story at Christmas time. I'll keep everyone posted.

I need to get back to Ticket to Ride, my m/m romantic suspense due September 01, but first I have received my edits for Sweet Reunion and since that book is already contracted it takes precedence. Hopefully I can get back to Ticket to Ride in about a week. That still gives me almost the entire month of August to complete it.

After's any body's guess which story I will tackle next. Might possibly be the lord's son and butler story set in the Regency period, Undeniable. Several people have been bugging me about that one.

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