Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Speaking of At Long Last

At the end of July, Until the of Time will be released. This is a sequel to At Long Last. It continues the story of Preston and Scott.

Seven months into their relationship, Preston has yet to tell his parents he is gay and living with Scott. When they are invited to the wedding of Preston’s ex-wife, a wedding Preston’s parents will also attend, Scott hopes Preston will finally admit to their relationship. But Preston fears having the same strained relationship Scott has with his father or worse, being disowned.

While Scott is beginning to believe Preston will always be ashamed of their love and will never come around to admitting the truth, Preston wonders if Scott will bolt if he doesn’t stick to Scott’s timetable.

Preston has a tough choice. Trust his parents with the truth or risk losing Scott forever.

So my question here is, should I do a giveaway of Until the End of Time or not? If there is interest, I'll do one. But if not, well, then, I won't.

Edit: Since enough people want the giveaway, I will do it close to the release date. Sorry for not saying so earlier. Got distracted by other releases.


  1. Please do a giveaway!!! I loved At Long Last! But either way, contest or not, I can't wait to get to read happens to Preston and Scott.

  2. Thanks Chris. I have to admit I have a great deal of fondness for Preston and Scott. They are two of my favorite heroes. :-)

  3. I was amazed by At Long Last. I think it’s your best work by far (I’ve read all m/m Shawn Lane books). So I am definitely interested in the sequel.
    (Actually also worried after reading the blurb; hope sequel is as good as first book.)

  4. Well thanks, J. And I hope so, too. Hopefully there is no reason to worry, :-)

  5. Cannot wait to see what happens next with Scott and Preston--you know I'm a sequel junkie!!

    And I think the giveaways are great, not just cuz I've won either. I think people were just super busy with summer starting and missed the timing on the last one. They still love ya! I'll bet the turnout on this one is at least double digits! ;)

  6. I think a giveaway would be great!! I love Preston and Scott and can't wait to get back to their lives together!!

  7. Thanks for weighing in, Chris, Jen, Stacey and Kara. Sounds like a giveaway is in order.

    I am happy to see Preston and Scott are popular because I really do believe they are among my best heroes. :-)

  8. That's a no brainer. It's almost like asking people if they want a million dollars or not. LOL.

    OF COURSE we want a giveaway! :-P

  9. Please do a giveaway. I have to confess out of all of your m/m books I have read I have a soft spot for Preston and Scott. I am counting down the weeks and days until the sequel is released. :-)