Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shawn's Favorite Gay Romances

I decided to do a post on what my favorite gay romances are. What I think are among the best in the genre. I was going to rank them and decided in the end I couldn’t. So what follows are my favorites in random order.

Without Reservations by J.L. Langley – this book began my obsession with J.L Langley’s work. It is the first book I read by her and still is my favorite of her books. There is something about Keaton and Chay’s relationship that feels real to me. I love this book and I have read it more times than I can count. It’s still my “go to” book when I can’t find something else I want to read.

What Hides Inside by Ally Blue – this is the second book in the Bay City Paranormal series and it is still my favorite in the series. The setting of an old high school with disappearing kids and the weird creatures Sam has some connection to is fascinating and riveting, but for me even more enticing is the growing relationship dynamic between Sam and Bo.

The Dark Horse & The White Knight by Josh Lanyon – these books go together and I cannot separate them in my mind any more. They are my favorite pieces by Josh Lanyon. I could read book after book about Sean and Dan. They are among my favorite heroes.

Amor En Retragado by AM Riley – Maybe it is the LA native in me but I love this book. It’s sad and poignant and touching and wonderful all wrapped into one package. It’s among my favorites ever even though I wanted to strangle both JD and Robert a few times.

The Elegant Corpse by AM Riley – I’m not a huge fan of BDSM but I adored the characters and the storyline of this book so much I couldn’t resist it. Maybe it is because I am a nail biter like Sean. Who knows but just as Roger couldn’t help falling in love with Sean, I did too.

My Fair Captain & The Englor Affair by J.L. Langley – Yes, I put them together because I really cannot decide which one I like better. Probably MFC because I adored Aiden, but it’s pretty close.

Under My Skin & Under My Skin 2 by M.L. Rhodes – If you haven’t read these books do yourself a favor and do it. Sebastian and Dylan are too extremely compelling heroes and they contain some of the hottest sex.

Out of My Mind by M.L. Rhodes – If you like Best Friends turn lovers stories, you will love this one. I do.

Bound by Deception & Bound to Him by Ava March – If you want historical mixed with your men you can’t go wrong with an Ava book. And Oliver is one of the most endearing characters you’ll ever read about.

So that’s my list. I have many more books I adore, of course, but these are the ones I can’t get enough of.

What are some of your favorite gay romances?

* Sometime tomorrow Ava March will post her list.


  1. Great list!

    You forgot...

    Trust, Perfect Man and Car Wash by this fabulous author named Shawn Lane!

    Your right, Without Reservations is a great book!

    I liked MY Fair Captain better because I LOVED Nate! God...he's so sexy, even if he has short hair...lol!

    We just read Soldier by AKM Miles and both of us loved that one.

    I haven't read much by Ally Blue, but I LOVED Ero's Rising. I have just one word to explain my love for that book. KEAGAN!

    I really liked Hell by Jet Mykles. Although, I think I was addicted to Hell's character. Imagine that...lol.

    The Good Thief by James Buchanan is excellent too. Have you read that one?

    Sean Michael is a favorite author of mine, but he's not for everyone.

    Great Topic!

    Love ya,


  2. I couldn't very well include my own books, Shay, lol.

    I'm on a Josh Lanyon kick at the moment, but when I am done reading what I am and his newest that released today I'll be reading some AKM Miles next. Then I will move on to some others.

    Thanks for you list, sweetie

  3. Anything by Shawn...:)

    Loved My Fair Captain too...wonder if she's going to give Trouble and Rexley their story next.

    Another great Best Friends become more story is A Helping Hand by Shayla Kersten. Part of a series, but my favorite of the three.

    My go-to books are Diving In Deep and Collision Course by KA Mitchell. Her guys have a lot of difference to overcome before their HEAs but it's a great ride along the way! Recurring characters in these two books are very appealing.

    Ava's Object Of His Desire is one of my all time faves! Henry is great!

    Another great historical (Naval setting) is Lovers Knots by Katherine Cross. Lots of great sexual tension that has you begging for a HEA in a time when it's not the norm.

    GA Hauser's Men In Motion series are fun contemp reads, Leather Boys, Cruising, Mile High, and Driving Hard.

    So many but I'm out of time...

  4. So here's a confession. This post popped up on my Google alerts, and as I was browsing through your blogsite I noticed I seem to be blogging on all these same topics. In fact, if I'm not mistaken I think on Thursday I'm blogging at Loose Id on the peeking at the end thing.

    Not stalking you, I promise. *g*

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you're enjoying the stories.

    Oh -- very weird about EC and the "diminishing fad" thing! It seems a tiny bit premature.

  5. Hey thanks for stopping by Josh!

  6. Sorry I'm Late to the party...

    Only Ava's book and Josh book are left for me to read from your list.. "Summer Reads"

    I have to say, I agree with you on "The Elegant Corpse" - totally one of my favs...

    "Under my Skin" - too good... M.L. Rhodes - yes

    I did read the "Good Thief" - very Edgy - really good...

    AKM Mile is fast becoming one of my Fav as well...

    I am not a big fan of the Ladies(Jamie Craig) work - but "Vintage" - was hands down their best work... from the Calendar boys Series

    The authors I'd like to throw into the Mix...

    Mike Shade - "Trouble", "The Stallion and the Rabbit"

    Roux/Urban - "Cut and Run"

    A few more but can't think of them...

    And can i say "With Caution" - J.L. Langley - is the book that gets the most re-read on my ereader ....


  7. Hey EH

    Thanks for your list. I too like With Caution just not quite as well as Without Reservations. It's a great series in any case and I think we all agree on that!

    I am definitely going to get to The Good Thief soon.

  8. Love Remi's character in both books, but you know my prediliction for interesting secondary characters!